Turn to the Bible and other letters to the editors

Turn to the Bible and other letters to the editors

January 20th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Turn to the Bible

Your paper reported that the pope is having budget troubles with his beatification process. It seems it is becoming too costly to become a saint. I have good news. One may become a saint by following the prescription of the Bible, and it won't cost you a penny. Not only may one have the saintly blessing of our Great and Merciful High Priest, Jesus Christ the Righteous, but He also gave to the Christian the hallowed book of Hebrews to show us the way to priesthood. Which saints are the most powerful, those ordained by a college or the High Priest?


Abortion hurts America

Another year has come and gone and nothing has changed. Over 55 million babies and counting destroyed since Roe vs. Wade in 1973; about 4,000 aborted every day. America has hardened her heart to the point that no argument for life matters. We have aborted more children than all of the casualties in all the wars fought by America. Astounding! How does this affect our economy? The years of a generation are said to be between 20-40 years; I take the Biblical number of 40. We have killed one to two generations since 1973. What are the effects of this holocaust? We have lost the strength, intelligence, creativity, hope, vision, and productivity of our youth. We must rely on immigration, both legal and illegal, for unskilled labor and must import skilled labor. America is no longer America. When you are few, you are taken over by many. We are committing suicide and have ceased to be the great country our forefathers created. As moral arguments no longer prevail, as Joe Friday would say, the above are "just the facts, ma'am."


Cook position countered

When David Cook supports eco-terrorism (Jan. 16) by perpetuating this: "Property destruction is not always unethical or immoral," he totally ignores that the FBI has credited eco-terrorism with $300 million in property damage just from 2003 to 2008. Protest, of course. That is your First Amendment right, but burning and destroying other people's property is always wrong. One would think someone given this prominent role in the newspaper should know this basic truth.