Actions have consequences - and more letters to the editors

Actions have consequences - and more letters to the editors

January 21st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Actions have consequences

The Times editorial "Seize the Day" (Jan. 18) makes me sick. The writer missed the salient points of the incident and appears to suggest that Neanderthal behavior is acceptable and spandex is a four-letter word.

The missing points? Firstly, a couple of young thugs appear out of nowhere to harass someone minding his own business while trying to improve his health and fitness. Secondly, Mr. Swanson is on federal property which is a known low-traffic area with wide roads in a park-like atmosphere. Thirdly, what has happened to parental responsibility when they appear to tell their kids to change their story? Blaming someone else for what you did seems to be the way nowadays. These should be the stories, not some thinly veiled diatribe toward anyone in spandex.

If these were my kids, they'd get a well-deserved whipping and revocation of all driving privileges. These punks were clearly driving around looking to create mischief. Following an apology in person to Mr. Swanson, they would be mowing his yard and washing his cars and bicycles for the next year. Instead of hiring lawyers to protect their little darlings, parents need to teach them that actions have consequences.

LARRY ENGLISH, Ringgold, Ga.

Put deaths in perspective

Got to love those suffering liberals. Mr. Bennett came up with a cartoon that shows multiple gun deaths every day. Another hot button issue. All the man really knows how to do. He evidently has some talent, why not use it for constructive criticism?

Here are some real facts: Gun deaths in 2010 nationwide (FBI statistics from 2010 latest available): 8,583 plus 606 accidental. Deaths from accidents at home (same year): 15,000. Automobile crashes (same year): 32,885, (and) 10,228 of those were the result of drunk driving. Severe injuries from ingestion of coin cell batteries in children under the age of 13 (same year): 16,008.

No death is insignificant; maybe we should outlaw homes, batteries, cars and/or alcohol ... and by the way, cars are registered and drivers are licensed, yet they still have a 300 percent greater death toll than firearms.

MIKE HENRY, Whitwell, Tenn.

Obamas should save money

Open letter to Michelle Obama. Instead of spending millions of taxpayers' money to throw yourself a birthday party, why not have a family affair and donate the money to the military disabled American veterans.

You would be held in more esteem than your husband. After all your vacations for family and friends and the economy we can't afford this excess of taxpayers' money.

BILLY MARTIN Tech. Sgt., Cleveland, Tenn.