Take time to study ACA - and more letters to the editors

Take time to study ACA - and more letters to the editors

January 28th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Take time to study ACA

This letter is in response to the letter printed Sunday, Jan. 19, titled "Obama Care is Not Affordable." The letter writer did not take time to look at the plans. If the writer is someone who is in need of physicians because of medical issues, then this individual needs a more comprehensive plan that will cover his/her needs.

There are many plans available, some for little money, but a large deductible, and some for more money, but a small deductible. There is also assistance for many who need it.

I know several people who have better plans than they had before, for the same amount of money they were paying or a fraction more for more and better coverage. I suggest readers check out the health care for themselves.

Go to Healthcare.gov and follow steps that will show a plan that is best suited for your needs and pocketbook. Your insurance agent is required to go over all the plans with you. You may quality for a subsidy, which is only available through the website.

FLOYD SCHULTZ, Blairsville, Ga.

Charity should be voluntary

On Jan. 11, a kindly contributor urged us to "do the decent thing" for the poor, the sick, and for immigrants. In turn we urge her to continue helping the needy, but with her own funds and not ours. (Easy to be generous with other people's money.)

Generosity is doing the decent thing voluntarily. When the tax man puts a gun to your head, that's not generosity on anyone's part. And many of those tax dollars never even get where intended, thanks to waste and fraud by overpaid, over-pentioned Washington bureaucrats.

So let's all give to the United Way, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Local churches, your choice. Donations that actually go where needed. We could give more if socialists got out of our wallets.

As for immigrants, we are descended from four and friends with several. Legal ones. There is a reason for our immigrant screening process, after all. Murderers, muggers, rapists and thieves can't enter legally, so sneak in amongst others, breaking the law every day they remain. They learn how to game the system and even steal our sympathies with various family entanglements. But we know the meaning of "illegal."