Downtown visitor burned by Market Street parking trap

Downtown visitor burned by Market Street parking trap

July 6th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Downtown visitor burned by Market Street parking trap

I received a parking violation June 24 on the 800 block of Market Street. I have to say that I was a bit surprised to return to my car after being gone for all of 11 minutes to find a parking ticket on the windshield.

If there were a meter there, that would have been a great indication that I needed to pay to park, however, there was not. There was a tiny sign tucked under a tree.

The city really needs better signage indicating that certain places that appear to be free parking are indeed not. These signs need to be visible to the driver while they are searching for a place to park. They should not have to leave their vehicle to find some indication as to whether it is pay to park.

This is clearly a parking trap. I say this because the cars parked in front and behind me were cited as well. If there had been appropriate signs and instructions clearly visible, there would not be a row of citations. I have never been to downtown Chattanooga before, and I am sure I will not go again if this is how you welcome visitors.


Apology owed to Baptists

I am a Baptist, have been for over 53 years and I'm very proud of it! You will not find any better people in the world than those who sit in the pew of a Baptist church on the Lord's day. I must say I am highly offended with Pam Sohn's snipe at the Baptists in the June 16, 2014, editorial section with regards to the "Ironman World Championship" article. Her "cute" comment that, "if Playboy offered the Baptists enough money, we might take it and let them sponsor us." I can assure that we would not! Baptists have a long history of standing up against any wrongdoings, sin and inflammatory remarks. I wonder what the reaction would have been if you had made such a derogatory comment against the Muslims, Catholics, Jews and other denominations? I am sure you would hear from their leaders demanding an apology. As far as I am concerned, I think you owe the Baptists one.

REV. RONALD B. CASE, South Pittsburg, Tenn.

Tennessee Tea Party needs to go

Tennessee's governor will stand by and watch hundreds die this year because he is morally bankrupt. How can he not see the damage this causes? The Affordable Care Act bases coverage on Medicaid expansion or states setting up their own insurance exchanges. Tennessee has done nothing but stand by, lose money and let people suffer. McMinn and Monroe County citizens have protested this inaction at county courthouses. People drive by with encouraging comments, and we all know that more people are uninsured and tired of it. Some work two jobs and and don't make enough to qualify for TennCare or Obamacare. We must get out and vote and unseat the tea party. But before you vote, try to help educate the other voters so they will understand how much money Tennessee has turned down ($300-$750 million), and you can also throw in the fact that hospital services are being discontinued across our state because of their hatred and inaction.


Ramadan fasting focuses on divine

Most Americans have a vague notion about the happenings of the upcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Something of a fog consisting of fasting, Islam, veils and terrorism is associated with the very word "Ramadan" for most in our nation. As a Muslim, I would here like to alleviate a portion of the shrouds of mist which pervade the idea my fellow Americans might have of the month. Ramadan is a month in the Islamic lunar calendar during which millions of Muslims in all areas of the world fast from dawn to dusk. While fasting, we turn our attention to spiritual matters and prayer. Fasting has been mentioned as an instrument to increase focus on the divine not only in Islam, but also in Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism to name a few. This year, Ramadan began on June 29. Next time you see a Muslim, please feel free to wish her or him a Happy Ramadan.

NAJIA HUMAYUN, Tunnel Hill, Ga.

Young Wamp needs experience

Weston Wamp - with no experience - wants to ride the political elevator express to the top floor, where a salary of $175,000 plus perks would await him. The U.S. House of Representatives is not an entry-level political position. Before he puts his political aspirations in motion, he should stop the elevator at some lower resume-building floors. Suggestions: Pause at floor one and spend some time in one of the branches of U.S. military. A few nights in the field on bivouac while sleeping in a pup tent would be a real experience builder. A break on floor two - school board floor. Spending time there would supplement his knowledge base. Floor three. Gain additional understanding by spending time serving as an officer in a local service organization. Allocate time on floor four with local and state governmental service. Only after appropriately preparing a salient resume will Mr. Wamp earn the chance for a ride on the political elevator to the top floor. At the current time, the citizens of the 3rd district will not open the top floor door with him simply flashing a Wamp sign!


Land purchase is a win for all

As a resident of Soddy-Daisy, I was excited to read of the town's recent purchase of 285 acres of land for preservation. My family relocated here two years ago from Denver, and we chose to live in Soddy-Daisy because of its beautiful views, the plethora of trees and nature, and the small-town feel. We enjoy hiking the Cumberland Trail, which is just five minutes from our house. This new purchase allows residents of Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County and surrounding counties to have a new place to hike, swim, and enjoy the beauty of this area. I was dismayed to read some of the negative comments expressed by my fellow residents on social media. What does this purchase do for the taxpayers of Soddy-Daisy? It preserves a beautiful piece of land, offers families a chance to get outdoors and experience nature, and prevents development of other interests in what should remain a pristine and natural area for generations to come. The sign welcoming people to Soddy-Daisy says "A Great Place to Call Home." This new acquisition by Soddy-Daisy makes me feel even more proud to be a resident.


Try caging puppy mill owner

Rebecca Van Meter was charged with one count of cruelty to animals when deputies and rescuers found more than 240 dogs living in dirty and cramped conditions in Bradley County last month. When will people stop buying from these people? Put them out of business. Please stop enabling these parasites to make money off these poor dogs. It's 90 degrees outside, with cages on top of cages and animals living in their own waste with the waste from other animals (dropping) on top of them. I know the courts would say there is no reason for this type of crime. The punishment is clear and more than fits the crime; put her in a small cage in the hot sun with no food or water. These poor animals are innocent and had to depend on that woman for their care. Please punish her for the mistreatment of 240-plus dogs. Not just one count of cruelty to animals.

SALLY CLEMONS, Signal Mountain