Too many cheating disability system - and more letters to the editors

Too many cheating disability system - and more letters to the editors

July 13th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Too many cheating disability system

Are there so many disabled people in the Chattanooga area that we need to be bombarded with law firm commercials on television everyday? The people they use in the commercials say, "I got my check!"

None of them appear disabled or act disabled.

These ambulance chaser lawyers should be ashamed of themselves for raping the system, and they should not be allowed to advertise on television!

The entire disability system needs to be overhauled. Too many able-bodied people are already getting disability. I see people on disability every day out washing their cars, mowing their yards, working on cars, etc., while drawing a check from the government. These people could be working at a car wash, a mowing service, auto repair shop. And the doctors who are proven to approve and/or assist these people file false claims need to have their medical licenses revoked.

The Social Security Administration announced in early 2013 that there were 11 million U.S. citizens receiving federal disability benefits at that time. May 2013 marked the 196th consecutive month with an increase in the number of disabled Americans.

JAMES WILBURN, Fort Oglethorpe

Make racket over noise ordinance

If someone blared unacceptable language into your neighborhood for several hours on any given night, would you stand for it?

For two years, we have been enduring racially charged, sexually explicit, vulgar and God-hating lyrics invading our neighborhood compliments of Track 29 and other event venues in the Southside and elsewhere.

The current noise ordinance is outdated and incomplete. The current fine of $50 for a violation is a mere cost of doing business and has not deterred Track 29 (eight citations) or other venues from playing music at law-breaking levels. Police continue to answer calls, a tremendous waste of taxpayer funds and police efforts.

The city attorney is currently revising the noise ordinance. Let's hold Mayor Andy Berke accountable in creating stronger neighborhoods and the City Council's responsible for all citizens - not just their individual districts.

Venues throughout the city must keep amplified music within their own walls.


Vote Crangle into state House

This letter is to express support for Tommy Crangle to be elected to the Tennessee House District 27 seat. I have known this successful businessman for at least 10 years, having been in together in a civic club. He has expressed strong conservative, family values many times.

Tommy, as a professional engineer in his small firm, knows how to live with a budget, which is a valuable trait that he will take to Nashville. We need his problem-solving abilities and leadership in the 27th Tennessee State House district. A vote for Tommy Crangle would be assurance of this type of representation in District 27.


Drivers: Use your turn signals

Recently, a noted attorney in Catoosa County was cited for DUI and other charges. One of those other charges was failure to use a directional signal when changing lanes.

If we have a law requiring us to use directional signals, why isn't it enforced? I would say that 95 percent of drivers do not use directional signals. The police could park at any busy intersection and cite many who do not use signals.

Are auto manufacturers no longer installing directional signals in our cars? We shouldn't have to have a law for every little tiny item that should be common sense. I would be interested in knowing how many wrecks are the result of someone not using a directional signal but just cutting in front of someone.

Folks, please get off your cell phones and texting and pay attention to your driving.

Driving on the roads today requires full and undivided attention.


Bennett, Wamp both wrong

Mr. Bennett's cartoon (July 4) is repugnant. If you are reduced to name-calling, you surely do not have a rational argument to use.

In the July 2 debate, Mr. Wamp attempted to articulate the case for reaching out to the progressive side of the Democratic party to advance solutions to today's issues. Unfortunately, Mr. Wamp revealed his inexperience. There are no leaders on that side who will listen and negotiate. The president unilaterally and probably unconstitutionally has changed several laws, the Affordable Care Act and immigration being two of the most recent. When Democrats controlled the House, the ACA was passed with no Republican input. The speaker of the Senate will not allow Republican amendments to proposed legislation and changed Senate rules to allow simple majority votes for judicial nominations. There is no point in negotiating against yourself.

So just as the Washington Democrats have done, Mr. Bennett attempts to shut down debate with juvenile name-calling. If you can't do better work than that, you probably ought to turn that paycheck back to the company. (You too, Congress.)

DAN McINTIRE, Ooltewah

Elect Hazlewood to represent us

Please accept this letter as our endorsement of the candidacy of Patsy Hazlewood for the office of Tennessee state representative in the Aug. 7 Republican primary for House District 27.

We are indeed fortunate to have such a capable and qualified candidate seeking election from our district. Ms. Hazlewood served as market manager for BellSouth Inc. for over 30 years.

More recently, she held the position of southeastern regional director for economic development for the state. She has served on the board of directors for the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce and as past president of the Chattanooga Rotary Club.

We urge the residents of Lookout Mountain, Tenn., and throughout our district to vote for Patsy Hazlewood.


Burke right on parks money

I like Mayor Berke's budget proposal to invest in the Walnut Street Bridge and add a 10-acre park in Alton Park. These are investments that will last a long time. Countless research suggests that time outdoors benefits all people, especially children, with better physical, emotional and spiritual health as well as lower energy costs, less pollution, and lower health care costs.

Visit any one of your Chattanooga area's numerous parks, woodlands, or open air farmer's markets today to see for yourself. I support Mayor Berke's proposal to invest in Chattanooga's outdoor assets. If managed wisely, these capital dollars should be outstanding investments for all of us, and for Chattanooga, for decades to come.


Do research for drug cost help

I recently filled a prescription at Walgreens for a generic medication. The cost of a 90-day supply came to $71. I purchased the Walgreens yearly plan for medications costing $20 for the year, which reduced the cost of medicine to $10. Each future refill will cost $10 instead of $71.

I also receive RX prescription cards in the mail and see them in magazines and flyers all the time. If I would have used this card instead of the Walgreens plan, the cost would have been $20, still much less expensive than $71. I would have used it if I didn't have to refill any more prescriptions for the year.

You don't have to pay full price for medicine if you will just check into plans from other sources. Every little bit helps with this high cost of medications.

DEBBIE BARTON, Ringgold, Ga.