Stop pork spending on 'roads' projects - and more letters to the editors

Stop pork spending on 'roads' projects - and more letters to the editors

July 14th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Stop pork spending on 'roads' projects

The Highway Trust Fund is going broke, and members of Congress (including Sen. Corker) are scurrying to find new revenue (tax increases) to address the shortfall.

Originally created to support interstate highway system construction, the trust fund has since been used as a pork barrel. Instead of being used for roads and bridges, funds have been diverted to such things as walking trails, landscaping and ferry boats.

A prudent Congress would restore the viability of the fund by discontinuing this unintended spending. Tax increases, which threaten our fragile economy and add to the inflation potential, should be the last resort.

Another solution is to discontinue the trust fund and transfer responsibility back to the states. The Transportation Empowerment Act proposes to do exactly that.

The act would eliminate the federal government as the middle-man who redistributes (often unfairly and punitively) the taxes collected by the states for projects chosen by Congress and not the states. The act would reduce the bureaucratic burden, retain the tax monies within the state that collected them and provide for a more effective and efficient use of funds targeted at specific state infrastructure needs.

Please urge your congressmen and senators to co-sponsor the act.

MIKE BUDNICK, Winchester, Tenn.

Sen. Alexander needs to go

It is time to replace Sen. Lamar Alexander with a true conservative who will take a firm stance against the Obama administration and work to develop and pass common-sense legislation.

Alexander has been weak on most of the major conservative issues and does not have any intention whatsoever of fighting Obama on immigration, the fiscal deficit, foreign policy, gay rights or the overreaching government bureaucracy.

He is an entrenched member of the traditional RINO Republican Party, and it is time for him to go. His recent refusal to debate the other Senate candidates shows that he is afraid to face his public on the major issues.

Either Joe Carr or George Flinn would be a much better choice.


America spurning Mideast Christians

Former presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan, an oft-published commentator, noted that Vladimir Putin has "planted his flag with the Christians of Iraq." Russia sent fighter jets to Iraq recently.

We also know that Putin stood with Assad of Syria and the Christians of Syria. Soon the entire Middle East will look like Saudi Arabia; that is, without any Christians.

Where is America while the blood of Christians flows?

It appears we continue to side with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the rest of the Hagarenes. This foreign policy is not new for Washington. Don't forget we chose Mohammedans in Kosovo and Serbia over the Christians there.

The leader of the Chaldean church in Iraq recently agreed with Mr. Buchanan. "The West (USA) is not Christian," he said. He went further and noted that President Putin has done more and that they would look to Russia for help.

Apparently, the Middle East Christians see where our flag is planted -- next to the black flag of the caliphate of ISIS and other "moderate" vetted terrorists.


Fleischmann the ethical choice

I voted for Weston Wamp the first time he ran. I will not make that mistake again.

Wamp and The Times editorial page editor (July 3) agree that Democrats should "crossover" vote in the Republican primary, which is legal in an open primary state like Tennessee; however, is it ethical?

Wamp naively proposes to "negotiate" with Democrats in Congress to help them pass their socialist agenda. They passed Obamacare without even consulting with Republicans.

Obama issues executive orders and federal regulations without negotiating with Republicans. With whom will Wamp negotiate?

Name one Democrat who wants to negotiate; possibly Nancy Pelosi? Sens. McCain, Graham, and Alexander want to negotiate. Maybe Wamp can negotiate with them.

Do you want the Democrats to select the Republican nominee for the 3rd District?

Fleischmann correctly stated in the televised debate that Wamp probably should have run in the Democratic primary. Fleischmann may not be the most charismatic congressman; however, he does vote the way I want him to vote at least 90 percent of the time. Isn't that what you want your congressman to do?

We have enough unethical congressmen already. Why would we send another one to Congress?


Vote Hazlewood for state House 27

The residents of Tennessee's District 27 are very fortunate that someone of Patsy Hazlewood's integrity, qualifications and expertise decided to become a candidate from that district for Tennessee's House of Representatives.

I met Patsy a number of years ago when I was a banker and she was an executive at BellSouth. Even then, she exhibited the attributes of a successful leader. I found her to be someone who set high goals and successfully followed through on those goals, all the while gaining the respect of her peers.

When I became CEO of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, Patsy served as my first chairperson. During that time, the Chamber was in need of a radical reconstruction of its mission and direction. Patsy's vision was instrumental in transforming the Chamber into the company it is today.

She always faced challenges head-on and worked toward collaborative solutions through dedication and hard work. In short, Patsy is the clear choice. She is a true leader who has distinguished herself through her professional career; her personal, church and family commitments and her volunteer community service.

I encourage you to vote for Patsy Hazlewood on Aug. 7.