Deny rezoning on Gunbarrel Road - and more letters to the editors

Deny rezoning on Gunbarrel Road - and more letters to the editors

July 15th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Deny rezoning on Gunbarrel Road

The 1300 block of Gunbarrel Road is under another threat of higher-density rezoning at today's City Council meeting.

The owners of a 5.42-acre farm in East Brainerd say they want their land rezoned to R-4 for a bed and breakfast.

R-4 is overkill. It's a foot in the door for mega apartments. It's a hand up for developers, another smackdown for homeowners' home values and quality of life.

Under R-4 zoning, more than 100 homes could be put on that five-plus acres. And once R-4 zoning is in place, the owner can simply apply for a change in the B&B "conditions," and surrounding property owners also get a green light for R-4.

The final vote is expected to take place at 6 p.m. today at the City Council chambers at 1000 Lindsay St. And most neighbors still don't know about this.

It's time Chattanooga homeowners demand higher standards in zoning, not continually fight the City Council's low standards, cheap apartments, strip malls and gaudy signs.


Support Tommy Crangle

As a small business owner, I want to ask the District 27 voters to support Tommy Crangle for the Tennessee State House. He is a small business owner himself, and he knows the engine for jobs and economic growth is small businesses. He believes the state should do more to help create an environment where small businesses can thrive.

One of Tommy's opponents says giving incentives to large companies is just the way you have to "play the game" of economic development, and she points out that her job with the state was telling business owners what incentives they could get. Conversely, Tommy believes that compelling data should be presented before more plans are made to incentivize large businesses at the taxpayer's expense. As a true conservative, he would never consider taking money from taxpayers a game to be played.

I have known Tommy for many years and know him to be a strong fiscal conservative and a smart businessman. I know he supports limited taxes, including the elimination of the Hall income tax, and I believe he would do all he could to protect taxpayers from excessive taxes.


Re-elect Fleischmann

Four years ago, we conservatives sent Chuck Fleischmann to Washington to basically say "no" to Obama and every program he tried to sneak through. He did such a good job at this we sent him back two years ago. Now this young whippersnapper comes along and wants to go to Washington as a Republican to cross the aisle and negotiate with Obama and the Democrats. Is he a Democrat or Republican? If he walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, he might be one.


Democrats' antics destroying America

The neo-Democrat Party is totally controlled by the progressive (socialist) movement, whose agenda assaults our Constitution, Judeo-Christian principles and free market economy. Neo-Democrat leaders/operatives resort to blatant deception and, when caught, defame their accusers and continue their deception.

Glaring examples of progressives' misleading efforts include: climate control (economic redistribution), Fairness Doctrine (First Amendment censorship), hate crimes (enforcing politically correct laws), NSA (Big Brother listening), Southern Border infiltration (more Democrat voters), gay marriage (traditional family destruction), abortion (assaulting sanctity of life), IRS scandal (manipulating presidential election), etc.

Progressives' unprincipled antics are easily seen when one dares to escape the government-coerced cocoon of the mainstream media and avails himself to factual disclosures of their endless scams and scandals. Watch Fox News or listen to daytime conservative radio talk programs (1150-AM), any of which will uncover their agenda. Warning! Your naivete or protected biases will be "detoxed."

During Barack Obama's reign, the progressive movement has intensified its assault, using Saul Alinski's Marxist attack rules and the Cloward-Piven Marxist strategy to destroy our free-market economic system and our constitutional government.


Outstanding court fees "mind-boggling"

I recently read an article that Gwen Tidwell's office has $50 million of uncollected fees. That is absolutely mind-boggling. So you're telling me that $50 million of court-ordered fees have just fallen by the wayside? Even more disappointing is the fact Mrs. Tidwell has just recently hired an outside debt collection firm to recover these fines just as election season rolls around. I do not support any candidate in this race, but this is a complete mismanagement of this office A change seems necessary.


Hazlewood skilled at business support

Patsy Hazlewood is the most qualified candidate for state representative of District 27.

Her variety of experiences from growing up on a farm in Alabama to helping organize and found Capital Mark Bank have made her a well-rounded person who strives to make a difference through her work ethic and values.

Patsy is a distinguished businesswoman, and her past efforts as regional director for economic development under Gov. Haslam have given her insight to the concerns and hopes of businesses in the area, as well as how progress is made in Nashville.

When my company decided to expand our facilities in Chattanooga, Patsy helped through her position as regional director to find an 18,000-square-foot facility. As a result of having a new expanded facility, we have hired six new employees.

I know Patsy will concentrate to bring investment to our region, creating family-wage jobs and increasing the education of our work force.