Haslam should expand Medicaid and other letters to the editors

Haslam should expand Medicaid and other letters to the editors

July 19th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Haslam should expand Medicaid

I am writing to urge support of Medicaid expansion in Tennessee. It is unclear why Gov. Haslam has denied this for our state. Medicaid expansion will be covered by the federal government at 100 percent through 2016 and will gradually lower to 90 percent after that. If a person makes below the poverty line in Tennessee, it is likely that they cannot get private coverage. Many people may make too much to be covered by existing Medicaid and not enough to qualify for subsidized plans through Obamacare. These people are left out in the cold. Adopting Medicaid expansion in our state will be a lifesaver for them. Please, Gov. Haslam and Tennessee legislature, reconsider! Reverse your denial for this life-saving expansion.


More VW jobs? More for the IRS

Oh, great glory! VW to add more jobs. This wonderful windfall will add to the multitude of corporations who take income from their employees before they get it and ship it to the IRS. I remember Dick Simcanin, who owned Arrow Plastics in Texas. He stated he would not be a tax collector for the IRS, and he so loved his employees, he made a way for them to pay their own taxes. He died in prison, indicted and convicted by a tyrannical IRS. Not only do I remember, but God remembers. It is fitting the IRS is being brought to task by the tea parties, a current manifestation of the arm of God. Why aren't the employees of these great benevolent corporations angry? Doesn't VW love their employees and want them to keep what they earn? JUNE GRIFFIN Dayton, Tenn. what's to complain about blankness? I don't understand why so many readers complain about the cartoons and comments on the left side of the editorial section. The left page of my editorial section is always completely blank.


Thanks for service of police officers

I would like to commend in the strongest possible terms Chattanooga Police officers Butler (badge 729) and Bender (badge 930) for their handling of a vehicle accident in which my wife was involved on Nov. 4, 2013. Her vehicle hit a bump and drifted off the pavement on Jenkins Road and sideswiped a tree. Those who drive that road in East Brainerd know there are no shoulders -- only 3-foot deep ditches at the edge of the pavement. Fortunately, there were no other vehicles involved and no injuries -- just a damaged and stranded vehicle. The officers promptly arrived, gained control of the traffic, and extended great care and compassion for my wife. Officer Bender called me at home and reported the accident, taking care to assure me it was minor with no injury. I arrived a few minutes later. The officers helped me get her out of the car -- now tilted at about a 30-degree angle -- and assisted us in removing the car's contents. They had already arranged for a wrecker, which arrived shortly thereafter. Throughout the process, both officers' conduct was of the highest order. To them and their department, we extend our deepest gratitude.


Re-elect Sell to judgeship

On Aug. 7, voters in Hamilton County have the opportunity to re-elect an outstanding judge in Christie Sell. Judge Sell is respected for her commitment to the community and the bench, and for her fairness and firmness. She has served diligently during her eight years in General Sessions Court and is recognized as one of the best judges in Hamilton County. She has received a statewide leadership award for her work for domestic violence awareness and numerous other awards, including recognition for her integrity and distinguished service as an elected Fellow by both the Chattanooga and Tennessee Bar Associations. A lifelong resident of Chattanooga, Judge Sell has always been very active in our community. Recently, she received recognition for her service as a Woman of Distinction by the American Lung Association. She is a member of several service clubs, including the Rotary Club of Chattanooga, and serves on numerous boards, including the Chattanooga Women's Leadership Institute and Chattanooga Bar Association. Hamilton County is fortunate to have someone of Judge Christie Sell's ability and experience in this position. Please join me in voting to re-elect Christie Sell.