Crangle best choice for House and other letters to the editors

Crangle best choice for House and other letters to the editors

July 28th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Crangle best choice for House

Several Patsy Hazlewood fans have touted her for District 27 representative because she is "politically flexible" with "no political obligations." If those statements are true, so, too, is the corollary; she has no political convictions, either.

Tommy Crangle is a bona fide Republican. He has been consistently conservative in his walk and his talk, having a life-long history of voting and serving conservative Republican values.

A vote for Tommy Crangle for District 27 representative is a vote for a conservative, principled representative who knows where he stands and has the history to prove it.

Early voting ends Aug. 7. Join me in casting a "Vote For Crangle" for the District 27 seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives.


Taxpayers to benefit by electing Smith

The office of the Hamilton County public defender is required to handle thousands of criminal cases every year. These attorneys typically handle more cases per attorney than any other attorney in the practice of law. It is critical that these attorneys and staff are well trained, organized and operate smoothly in order for the taxpayers to get the benefit of their tax dollars. Unfortunately, taxpayers have not been getting the benefit of their tax dollars in this office for several years. That is why it is time for a change in leadership in the public defender's office.

Steve Smith is the Republican nominee for the office of public defender. Steve has served for the last eight years prosecuting cases in the district attorney's office. Steve knows what is required to litigate in Criminal Court. Steve will deliver the level of services the taxpayers deserve from this office. Steve has the knowledge and expertise to significantly improve the services provided by this office. Steve's vision for improving this office makes him the only clear choice for public defender in Hamilton County.

Please join me in voting for Steve Smith as the next public defender.


Ramadan fasting offers strength

China banned Ramadan fast in the Xinjiang Region on the basis that fasting is detrimental to physical well-being of the people and hinders the ability to perform their duties properly.

Ramadan is considered a blessed month, a time in the year when Allah's grace seems closer and more easily accessible. During this month Muslims do not eat or drink from the daybreak until the sunset. They do all their eating during the night. They also abstain from all pleasures of senses. The principle of fasting is related to that of limitation for it is when one comes to the end or limit of a thing that its true nature becomes evident. It constitutes purification and a kind of sacrifice which leads to renewal and fresh strength. It also brings a direct understanding of the sufferings of the hungry and deprived.

How true it is that religious people receive great satisfaction depriving themselves of physical pleasures. It hardly matters to them what is believed as long it is believed.

The prophet recommended fasting as a spiritual discipline, but curtailed it because excessive enthusiasm for fasting made the earlier believers physically weak. Maybe China's policy is in line with the prophet!

AMOS TAJ, Ooltewah