'Melting pot' now threatened - and more letters to the editors

'Melting pot' now threatened - and more letters to the editors

July 29th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

'Melting pot' now threatened

Much has been made of the immigration crisis as unaccompanied children among others from Central America are illegally entering this country in uncontrollable numbers.

On a recent flight from Monterrey to Atlanta, I witnessed a scary version of nonexistent border security - all booked passengers had boarded, the flight crew counted six empty seats, and the flight was ready for early departure. Then, over the next 40 minutes, confusion ensued.

Mexican immigration authorities had eight deportees to send to the United States. To make room, two passengers accepted travel vouchers from the airline and deplaned, and then on-boarded were eight tattooed thugs - they were not choirboys. What was not confusing, as the pilot announced, was that he had zero control over immigration matters.

I could be wrong (or naïve) and these guys might be model citizens, but I don't think so.

I have always believed in America as the great melting pot, where immigrants entered legally and became citizens by assimilating into our culture. We face serious danger when our government allows undocumented illegals bringing crime and contagious diseases here.

I have great sympathy for those poor children, but we must secure our borders!


Hazlewood's skills make her effective

Patsy Hazlewood will effectively represent the residents of District 27.

She has lived in the community for more than 30 years and has spent a substantial amount of time making our community a better place.

One of Patsy's skills that has helped her effectively lead our community is listening. She has worked in several roles where she had to listen to customers' concerns and frustrations and find a way to solve them. We can expect the same to happen as her constituents.

Patsy also has a great sense of strategic visioning and planning, which has been shown in her organizing of Capital Mark Bank. Patsy will listen to the voice of the people of District 27, and she will carefully vision and plan what needs to be done for our district to reach its full potential.

Vote Patsy Hazlewood for state representative of District 27 for effective representation.


Robin Smith Labeled 'Hypocrite'

In response to Robin Smith's commentary (July 21) to "seek authenticity in personal, public life": Congratulations should go out to Ms. Smith for achieving a goal she has worked tirelessly toward for many years.

In my humble opinion, Ms. Smith, bless her heart, has become an "authentic hypocrite."

I feel for the people who have to endure her.