Hazlewood fills bill for District 27 voter - and more letters to the editors

Hazlewood fills bill for District 27 voter - and more letters to the editors

July 30th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Hazlewood fills bill for District 27 voter

Being conservative, accessible, competent, an experienced and proven leader, possessing excellent business skills, being extremely hard-working and having a great desire to serve our state are qualities I want in my state representative in District 27.

Since this describes candidate Patsy Hazlewood, she will be getting my vote in the primary voting.

Let's elect a representative who will put her constituents above politics and will serve us diligently and well in our state legislature.


Involvement shows Sell's commitment

Judge Christie Mahn Sell is a Chattanoogan who has never been anything but a positive and influential leader in our community. I have known Christie most of my life, and I can attest to her integrity and character.

Since Christie's election as the first female judge to General Sessions Court in 2006, she has focused on improving awareness and education of domestic violence in our community. With her influence, a domestic violence court in Hamilton County commenced in January 2010.

Christie regularly volunteers to speak to elementary, middle and high school parents about the judicial system and the perils of drugs, domestic violence and other difficulties facing our community.

Over the years, Christie has found time to form and coach a cross country team at her children's elementary school; serve as race director for Chattanooga Track Club road races; chair the American Heart Association Heart Ride & Skate event for two years; and co-chair Normalpalooza for two years to benefit Normal Park Museum Magnet School.

I feel fortunate someone of Judge Sell's caliber is willing to serve the community. Let's make sure we keep her on the bench. Vote for Judge Christie Mahn Sell.


Support growth; OK partners initiative

I have the privilege of being a citizen of the wonderful city of Chattanooga.

We are, as we know, lucky to be a part of such a dynamic city, where growth and development are a common occurrence. However, I take a moment's pause when I think about where we can grow in the future.

We need to foster further growth by creating a community where we welcome and ensure the rights of the citizens it takes to make dynamic community. How can we show, as a community, we are ready for the future and are welcoming to all new development?

To start, we should affirm the domestic partner benefits ballot initiative for all city employees. This is a strong statement to any future developer, employer or employee who may be interested in Chattanooga that we, as a community, protect the basic rights of any person in this town, from the city administration on down.

These benefits not only make a statement to anyone looking into the openness and fairness of our city but also may give your neighbors the rights they deserve.


Wamp encouraged to 'soar with eagles'

I write to thank you, Weston, for stepping up to the plate.

Soar with eagles. Don't let the turkeys get you down.


Vote against Amendment 1

If you are against abortion, you should not have one. But if someone close to you faced an unplanned pregnancy, would you want her to have a choice? I would.

Most women on Signal Mountain will always have a choice. Because whatever the vote is in November, most women here will always have the means to obtain an abortion. But the women and families of our state without financial and emotional support will suffer.

Please vote no on Amendment 1 in November for all the women and families of Tennessee.

LISA SHIVERS, Signal Mountain

Alexander, Corker strong on military

America's national security at home and abroad is important to all of us. So it is very important to recognize and thank our leaders when they show strong support for our military.

That's why I am writing to thank Tennessee Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker for their continued commitment to our great state, our nation, and especially to our military.

Their support ensures that our military personnel here and abroad have the equipment and capabilities needed to keep our nation safe.

One example is our senators' ongoing support for the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that will keep the United States at the forefront in air defense technology. This new aircraft is skillful in countering potential adversaries, and it is designed to require less maintenance and support than our aging legacy fighters, which will translate into across-the-board savings for our country.

So while we thank and applaud our military and our veterans during nationwide celebrations from Memorial Day to Veterans Day, we should also continue to thank leaders like Sens. Alexander and Corker for their steadfast support of our troops.


Reject partisan politics, retain court justices

Justices of the Tennessee Supreme Court are appointed by the governor to serve eight-year terms, and then voters determine whether the justices should be retained or replaced during the August election.

Before the election, the nine-member Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission evaluates each judge based on established criteria. This year, the recommendations of the commission were to retain all three Supreme Court justices.

I have known Justice Sharon Lee for more than 30 years. A graduate of UT College of Law, Sharon practiced law in Madisonville before being appointed to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

As the daughter of a World War II veteran, Sharon holds true to the conservative family values she learned growing up in a small town.

She is a fair and impartial judge who upholds the constitution of the state of Tennessee. She is a judge, not a politician. An effort has been made recently for partisan politics to be involved in our court system.

Please help keep partisan politics out of Tennessee's judicial system by voting to retain Supreme Court Justices Sharon Lee, Gary Wade and Cornelia Clark.