Common sense on abortions - and more letters to the editors

Common sense on abortions - and more letters to the editors

June 3rd, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Common sense on abortions

Thanks to Andy Sher (5/22) for his accurate representation of the proposed amendment to the Tennessee Constitution in the context of reporting poll results which purport 71 percent opposition to such an addition on the grounds that it would give "the state legislature more power to regulate abortions" (Times editorial, 5/23).

Clint Cooper, Free Press editorial writer, helpfully notes that most respondents likely did not fully grasp the poll question, especially if it was couched in the "more power" language above.

The reality is that since the year 2000, as a result of a State Supreme Court ruling, Tennessee's elected representatives have been hindered in attempting any of the common sense limits on abortion allowed by various U.S. Supreme Court rulings (parental consent for minors, for example).

Approval of this amendment simply allows duly elected legislators to pass bills which in fact reflect the views of a majority of Tennesseans, whether or not they identify as "the religious right."

A "yes" vote on Amendment 1 grants the people of Tennessee the right to choose.

PATRICIA LINDLEY, Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Time to bring back the draft

Only 1 percent of our country's citizens are serving in our military, with multiple deployments up to six, seven and eight tours.

Meanwhile, our headlines consist of politicians and television personalities bashing one party or the other. Something is definitely wrong.

The people who are name-calling have no idea what our brave men and women are and have gone through. This behavior leads me to believe that there are many who have no spines.

Why not hide behind a cloak of cowardice when, in reality, one can enjoy all the freedoms of the USA and not be held accountable?

Simply said, we must reinstate the draft in order to reinstate accountability in these United States. We must truly care for our veterans.

Remember, all gave some, and some gave all.

BENJAMIN W. SUTTON, Hiawassee, Ga.

What makes us all alike

A letter of May 24 states, "In case no one has told you other than David Cook, human beings are not a mixture of male and female."

As any good physiology student knows, human beings are indeed a mixture of male and female.

Males make the female hormone, estrogen, and females make male hormones, testosterone and other androgens. Mr. Whitfield ends his letter by encouraging the "ideals of true manhood."

These ideals include sensitivity, empathy, cooperation and compassion that David Cook articulated so thoughtfully.

LINDA T. COLLINS, Signal Mountain