No praise for Fleischmann - and more letters to the editors

No praise for Fleischmann - and more letters to the editors

June 4th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

No praise for Fleischmann

Kudos to Chuck? Just YouTube Chuck Fleischmann and watch his floor and committee speeches.

He has two big problems.

First, Chuck has no leadership ability. Giving him kudos for his "stick-to-it-tiveness" is like giving kudos to Dennis Rodman for not getting another tattoo or nose ring. He hasn't stuck to getting the new (Chickamauga) lock.

At best, we are fourth in line with no money in the budget for repairs. Chuck merely asked, "What are your thoughts on this," when attending a committee meeting rather than telling them his thoughts.

Second, Chuck doesn't recognize that time is running out on the existing lock. He knows there are problems because he says "I've visited it twice since I've been in office." I guess if I sleep in the garage tonight, I'll know all about automobiles.

We are on target for the lock to be closed in 36 to 42 months because it just won't hold up past that. When it closes, all of that river traffic will be switched to our highways.

Chuck voted against the bill to increase revenues via user fees. The very barge owners who would have to pay these fees are in favor of them.

It's not a tax, rather a user fee, to help keep the locks open.


Democrats and the Supreme Court

One can learn so much from "letters to the editor."

President Obama's Affordable Care Act is exactly the same as Hitler killing 20 million Russians and 10 million Jews. Who knew?

Democrats and Warren Buffet have killed more babies than Hitler. Really?

Who were the Supreme Court members that voted for Roe vs. Wade in 1973? Five were appointed by Republicans, and two were appointed by Democrats. There was one Democrat and one Republican who voted against. Those are the facts.

Since 1973, there has never been a time when there were more Democratic Supreme Court appointees than Republicans. Never.

After Clarence Thomas was appointed in 1992, there were seven appointed by Republicans to two By Democrats until 2009.

Remember it only takes five to overturn.

Democrats say they will not overturn the decision. Republicans make it part of each election. The debate over abortion being a sin or not will continue.

There is no debate over lying and slander being a sin.


Thanks for veteran column

I write in deep appreciation the commentary column by David Cook appearing in the Sunday, May 25, paper about "The not-too-large monument" with 687 names of the Hamilton County men who gave their all in World War II, located on an urban island among businesses at Patten Parkway near M.L. King Boulevard.

I never knew this monument existed and after reading this column, I was taken to visit this monument on Tuesday, May 27, to find my brother's name, Robert E. Wilson.

It gave me personal gratitude to visit and see this monument and find his name.

Thanks to Mr. Cook's commentary!