Creative ways to help people and other letters to the editors

Creative ways to help people and other letters to the editors

June 9th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Creative ways to help people

Sometimes you read in the paper where someone has had a wonderful idea and it has been put into operation. I was pleased to read about two such occurrences in a recent paper. The idea to have nice strong men to help with patients at Erlanger who are too much for the nursing staff was just great. It's been needed for a long time. And the "Walking School Bus" in Rhode Island was a terrific idea whose time had come. God bless those volunteers and the children who are now safer. To these people I say "bravo" and keep your minds working along these lines.


Give blood this summer

On Memorial Day, I donated a single unit of platelets and a double plasma at Blood Assurance across from McKenzie Arena. I am very pleased to have been able to come in on a national holiday to help. Summer is a season of questionable donor availability. I hope readers will come forward to share their product during this time of uncertain blood supply. I'm proud of my 426 donations to Blood Assurance and to this region since 1972, but am worried that we'll not have enough healthy people to give life over the next three months in sufficient numbers. Please participate in the joy I experience every time I squeeze my hand to help pump blood product to those in need.


Vote for Hazlewood

Patsy Hazlewood is the best choice for the state House of Representatives, District 27. Since we founded CapitalMark in 2007, Patsy has served an integral role as bank director -- to include raising capital and weighing in on governance, regulatory and strategic initiatives. Our industry navigates historic challenges, and Patsy's vast experience as a business and community leader serves our board and management team well as we remain focused on building a successful enterprise. Patsy has a practical, thoughtful approach to problem-solving. She is a skilled listener who builds partnerships and collaborates with ease. In everything she touches, she impacts our community's ability to build our economy by attracting businesses and adding jobs, bolstering education and workforce readiness, enhancing our entrepreneurial infrastructure and by mentoring our emerging leaders. I can't envision a more seasoned and effective leader for District 27. Please join me in supporting Patsy Hazlewood.