Cartoon off base on Fleischmann - and more letters to the editors

Cartoon off base on Fleischmann - and more letters to the editors

June 11th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Cartoon off base on Fleischmann

Your local cartoonist has to be kidding in showing Rep. Fleischmann as stupid or lazy.

Chuck is a Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude graduate of the University of Illinois and received a J.D. degree from the UT Law School in 1986. He started his law firm here in 1987, has continued successfully, and nine years later, at age 34, he was elected president of the Chattanooga Bar Association.

If Chuck were accused of being intelligent, informed and industrious, with integrity, he'd have to plead guilty on all counts.

But stupid and lazy? Come on, folks, that's disingenuous.

SCOTT N. BROWN JR., Chattanooga

Respect modern military service

I normally don't read or agree with Robin Smith's writings, but this one caught my attention. Great disrespect is given by the general public regarding respect to our flag. Young people in particular are some of the worst offenders.

I was an adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America for 35, years and I made sure the boys coming through the program were aware of why and how they should show respect for our flag and our military and the veterans who sacrificed for all of us. The points she made are valid.

Young people should be taught by parents and others the respect due our flag. However, for some reason, in listing the Civil War, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Shield, she failed to list Afghanistan and Iraq.

This doesn't show respect to those who served and died in those wars.

JIM RICE, Red Bank

Please fix my garbage bin

I am 95 years old and live alone in the home my husband and I purchased 46 years ago.

Four weeks ago, I watched the big truck that picks up and empties my garbage bin accidentally run over the wheels of my bin with its back wheels. The bin is damaged so that it can't be wheeled down my driveway.

I called the Public Works number 311 and the nice lady told me that the bin could only be repaired on my regular garbage pickup day. She said that I should put it out with my garbage in it each Thursday until it is repaired.

I told her I was unable to carry the bin down to the street, but she said she couldn't help me with that. My son has had to drive from Lookout Mountain, Ga., each Thursday for the last four weeks to help me, and still today, May 29, it isn't fixed.

I need help.