True story of VA's problem and other letters to the editors

True story of VA's problem and other letters to the editors

June 13th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

True story of VA's problem

Below are quotes from two emails from my son, Jason Noll, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Navy: 5/29/14--1:52 p.m. "I finally went and registered at the VA Tuesday. Been meaning to do it for a while. Now I have to get copies of all my doctor visits and submit them to the claims department. Lady told me that it would be years to process." 5/29/14--8:42 p.m. In response to an email from me asking about his continuing to see his civilian doctor: "The VA thing has nothing to do with seeing my doctor. Speaking of that, I just had to go back to the base to meet my new Navy doctor since I am no longer allowed to have a civilian doctor since I live within 50 miles of a military base. Funny thing is they are still going to take the money out of my monthly check that I paid so I could go see a civilian doctor. Go figure." Does any of this make sense?

PATRICIA NOLL, Chattanooga

VA problems and Obamacare

To all the Obamacare zealots: Impressed by what has finally emerged on the efficacy of VA health care? Take heart. Your turn is just around the corner. Government doing health care is like an elephant trying to crochet.

ALBERT COLONNA, Signal Mountain

On guns and Christianity

We are told not to judge all Muslims by a few extremists, but we then judge all gun owners by a few extremists. Thousands of people die every year as a result of people driving while drunk, and the drunk drivers are punished. We don't punish all drinkers or the alcoholic beverage industry. We don't stop selling automobiles because people are killed by them. We still sell cars capable of speeds over 100 mph when the highest speed limit almost everywhere is 70. President Obama says we are no longer a Christian nation. I hate to agree. Less than 50 percent of our citizens are Christian, and without God man has no conscience. Without heaven and hell, there is no incentive to be good. So where did we lose our way? When as a nation we decided we didn't need God meddling in our affairs any more.