Bush is a hero and other letters to the editors

Bush is a hero and other letters to the editors

June 16th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Bush is a hero

Regarding a letter of June 1: As far as I'm concerned, (George W.) Bush will always be a hero. I feel no guilt. I'm in my 80s. I remember Pearl Harbor, etc. We better watch out; it might happen again.


High-paying jobs are elsewhere

Mike Pare's article titled "Made in America, Does it Matter?" totally missed the point. The really high-paying jobs are the engineers and designers in the country that owns the company, not the manual labor. The real profits go back to Germany, Japan or Korea.

Chattanooga is little more than a German colony - an assembly point. The top-paying jobs are in Germany, (held by) Germans and (are) never going to be otherwise. The most ridiculous thing is the state paid $288,500 for each position and the privilege to be a colony. You sold America out and paid money to do it. Gov. Bill Haslam is trying to do it again with another $300 million.

DAVID BEAN, Chatsworth, Ga.

Obama should be impeached

Until this latest Bergdahl debacle, President Obama was in a position to, if not help, at least not do any more harm involving fellow Democrats in this year's congressional elections. But once a narcissist, always a narcissist: Now he has completely discarded any pretext of adherence to congressional laws and our Constitution by brashly releasing five of the world's most vicious terrorists in exchange for a traitor who wants to join those terrorists!

Every day we are given another reason to begin impeachment proceedings. President Nixon was driven from office because he took some bad advice.

Clinton was impeached for lying to a federal grand jury. But in both instances, no one died.

Obama failed to protect our Benghazi consulate, and four people died, including our ambassador.

Now we learn that many Americans abroad are in mortal danger of being kidnapped and bartered for, like cattle at an auction. This is in strict violation of all United States laws and not approved by Congress. Obama's removal from office, and dozens of others, should be imminent.

JOHN BERGEN, Ringgold, Ga.