Clarifying UAW dues and other letters to the editors

Clarifying UAW dues and other letters to the editors

June 20th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Clarifying UAW dues

A recent article about no United Auto Workers dues increase for years is misleading and inaccurate. Monthly dues for rank and file members have increased each and every time they got an hourly wage increase by an identical amount. This has been in effect since monthly dues were linked to wage increases.

RALPH WILLIG, Cleveland, Tenn.

Good Samaritan at auto parts store

I had a flat tire about five miles from home. I pulled off in a hay field to call my auto club. They said it would be two hours before someone could come out. I was about a quarter mile down the road from Chattanooga Valley Auto Parts, or what we in Flintstone, Ga., affectionately call The Junk Yard. I called them and asked if someone could come down the road and change my tire. The fellow said, "Lady, we're a parts shop." I told him that I knew that but wondered if there was anyone there who would be willing to come down and change my tire. He said he'd be there in a few minutes. He was -- and changed my tire in about five minutes. He would not accept the money I offered him and said that if his wife had a flat, he hoped someone would help her out. I'm sorry to say that I forgot to get his name! There are still good guys out there, and one of them works at Chattanooga Valley Auto Parts, just over the Tennessee/Georgia line, south of St. Elmo. Good people.

KONNIE SMITHERS, Flintstone, Ga.

Deserters not tolerated in WWII

God help us if we ever again get into a war, where the fate of our country is at stake, like World War II. Our society has gone soft, including our military, when a soldier can leave his post in a war zone and there is doubt that any charges will be made against him. I can imagine what would have happened, when I was fighting the Japanese in the South Pacific, had anyone left his post. He probably would have been shot by his own people, given the opportunity. The wisdom of our president's decision will be debated for months, and then forgotten. Perhaps the consequences will be felt for years, as I would wager these five terrorists exchanged for him will be back in the fight within a year. Say what you will, but at least its obvious the president is not much of a horse trader, five for one.