College chapel a bad idea and other letters to the editors

College chapel a bad idea and other letters to the editors

June 21st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

College chapel a bad idea

I see where Jim Catanzaro wants to build his version of the Crystal Cathedral at Chattanooga State. Bad idea for several reasons. First, I am sure that most Chattanooga State students have their community churches in which they worship. Why one at school? Second, I understand the site is a wetlands that hosts several pairs of nesting herons. Instead of bricks and mortar, why doesn't "Rev. Jim" build an elevated walkway in the wetlands with large gazebos scattered about. Any student who needs solace can walk out, sit in a gazebo and contemplate nature. Oh, wait, this is the same "Rev. Jim" who had the great goose roundup a few months back. Apparently, he doesn't care for nature much.


When will they ever learn?

We trained the South Vietnamese army to defend its country, we leave, they won't fight, and the North Vietnamese prevail. We trained the Iraq army, we leave, they won't fight, and now the country is in turmoil. We trained the Afghanistan Army, we leave, they won't fight, and we will see how long it takes for the Taliban to be in control. And now the Republicans are blaming the president after he inherited this mess in Iraq. Think of the lives lost, the people injured, and enough money wasted on these wars to provide food and health care to all American citizens, and nothing in the end to justify or to show any gains for our actions. In the words of Peter, Paul and Mary, "When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

JIM GRIFFIN, Chickamauga, Ga.

On being white in America

I am white and can't say that my skin color has been a luxury. Oppression, tolerance and false hopes are the advantages I have received being white. I am not rich, nor do I have a privileged background. I've worked for everything that I own. I have no issues with anyone being promoted based on qualifications. I have witnessed qualified applicants bypassed for promotions, while others were hired simply for quota requirements based on skin tone. I don't believe racism is the reason most businesses in Hamilton County have mainly white employees. Tennessee doesn't have a law restricting nepotism. The white employees are probably related to management. Racism is a witch hunt which is a double standard. If you are white, the price of retribution is high. You face public humiliation and lose your job. Donald Sterling and Paula Deen did. If you are an athlete of a different skin tone, you are given a liberal pass. Charles Barkley can say he hates white people, and African-Americans use the N-word without backlash. David Cook, you need to re-examine the rose-colored glasses you are wearing. Your notions of being white are completely misguided.

JOHN DUNBAR, Cleveland, Tenn.