Another view on Edward Snowden and other letters to the editors

Another view on Edward Snowden and other letters to the editors

June 23rd, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Another view on Edward Snowden

The Times' editorial attacking Edward Snowden reflects a kind of patriotism Dr. Ben Johnson referred to as the last refuge of a scoundrel: my country - right or wrong! No doubt his country was wrong, as the director of national security, James Clapper, blatantly lied to Congress and the American people, assuring us we were not being spied upon by our government. Snowden's revelations proved the spy chief was lying. Pam Sohn's disparagement of Snowden for fleeing the country to escape a 30-year sentence is ludicrous. Sohn casts aspersions on Snowden's motives because he went to Russia, which gave him refuge. Come off it! Had he gone to Canada or England, they would send him back. Snowden had a good reason for fleeing, for it is impossible for anyone accused of "betraying" the federal government to receive a fair trial in a federal court. Judicial ethics and a fair trial require a neutral court. Sohn's (and NBC's Brian Williams') suggestion that Snowden escaped the consequences of his civil disobedience by being in Russia is ridiculous. These twin pillars of statolatry (worshipers of government) would have you believe being forced by one's government to live in exile isn't punishment? Yet they cheer their own government when it allows Russian or Chinese dissidents to seek refuge in their country. My country right or wrong is immoral!


Thanks for museum review

It was delightful to read once again a review of a current exhibit at Atlanta's High Museum of Art. In times past, reviews of new exhibits at the High were routine but not so much recently. Please don't misunderstand. I love having coverage of the exhibits at the Hunter and our local galleries, but a mix of local and regional makes reporting on the arts richer. I often forget to check websites, so here is hoping to hear more about the High and Nashville's Frist Center along with our great local events.

CAROL HOBBS, Ringgold, Ga.

Common sense gun control

In the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, gun owners have to provide third-party references and pass psychological exams in order to purchase a gun. While not in every case, but in many, this might have helped prevent the mass killings that we see almost daily in America. Such basic checks are ferociously opposed by the National Rifle Association. Can we please have some sensible compromise and at least take this step to try to stop the insanity?


Vote Dean for court clerk

I have known Vince Dean for several years, and I am honored to call the man my friend. Vince has always shown himself to be a strong voice in our church and community, and I believe it is important to know about the character of an individual before choosing to give them your vote. I can say with certainty that Vince has always displayed a high level of honesty and integrity. He continues to be a leader in our church, and he will be a leader for our community in the Criminal Court clerk's office. My vote will go to someone I can trust with our tax dollars, and I can think of no better person for the job. Vince Dean has my vote for Criminal Court clerk, and I hope he has yours too.