Be skeptical of global warming - and more letters to the editors

Be skeptical of global warming - and more letters to the editors

June 24th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Be skeptical of global warming

As a scientist (MA, Chemistry, Oxford), I am deeply skeptical about human-caused global warming, with carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels getting the blame. We should remember that all life is based on carbon, and carbon dioxide is absolutely essential to life.

Global warming theory seems to be just another Malthusian gambit to control the population. This is to be accomplished by first scaring us to death and then imposing "solutions" that impoverish the less affluent but have no useful result.

Some reasons we should all be skeptical: Firstly, all the outcomes are negative (rising oceans, floods, drought, starvation, storms). No mention of Siberia flourishing!

Secondly, because there has been no warming for at least 15 years, they've changed the name to climate change. That's even more scary as that can cover any unusual weather event.

Thirdly, if you dare to question it, you will be attacked personally. This is a standard tactic used by those who are scientifically ignorant or whose views are indefensible or lies.

Fourthly, Al Gore has made tens of millions by promoting global warming through distortion and exaggeration.

If that doesn't tell you it's a scam, nothing will!

ANTHONY G. FOX, Signal Mountain

Allow debate on abortion

Recent discussion about Amendment 1 on the November election ballot has provided limited background as to the reason for its introduction: A strongly pro-abortion ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court wrongly interpreted a fundamental right to abortion into the Tennessee Constitution. Aside from the five judges who heard the case, no other Tennesseans had a voice or a vote in the judiciary's radical amending of our constitution without consent of the governed.

Passage of Amendment 1 by Tennessee voters will not, in itself, change any public policy on abortion. What it will do is restore the ability of every Tennessean - those who favor abortion and those who oppose it - to once again have a meaningful debate about what our public policies should be in the state of Tennessee.

Right now, the people of our state have been silenced by an act of judicial arrogance, but a yes vote on Amendment 1 restores the balance of power back to the people where it belongs.

CANDY CLEPPER, Kimball, Tenn.