Evangelicals called to vote and other letters to the editors

Evangelicals called to vote and other letters to the editors

June 26th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Evangelicals called to vote

A Sunday school class May 25 featured a panel of members to proclaim what Memorial Day meant to them. Each spoke well, saying it was a reminder of freedoms we all enjoy and of the sacrifices made to secure those freedoms. The next day, at a memorial picnic, prayers of thanks for our afreedoms were given and recognition made of veterans in attendance. It was a festive affair, enjoyed by all. Many churches across America had similar observances and giving of thanks. It is fitting and proper that Christians have such an observance of Memorial Day to remember and give thanks. Unfortunately, another observation is shameful for our American Christian populace. While talking the talk for our freedoms, the majority of Christendom is quite apathetic when it comes to walking the walk to preserve those freedoms. In 2012, only 50 percent of evangelicals bothered to register and of those, only 50 percent bothered to vote. Therefore, with a coalition of useful idiots duped into voting for a free lunch, and useless Christians staying home, an imperial, tyrannical presidency was re-elected, one which continues to threaten both our civil and religious liberty.

GARY F. SMITH, Flintstone, Ga.

Clarify the tea party

I need help clarifying just how many political parties we have in the U.S.A. Day and night, I hear reports [about] tea party candidates and non-tea party candidates. Some say the tea party is dead and gone, but candidates still proclaim or deny their affiliation with the tea party. I'm sure someone will clarify this issue for me once I state my confusion. Who is the tea party? You see, there are certain issues in the U.S. that sway us toward liberal or conservative thinking. Generally, I think there are two primary parties, Democrats and Republicans with an independent or libertarian casually thrown in -- maybe like the tea party. That may not be a good analogy, but let's keep it anyway. Differences are what make parties.


Don't forget Flag Day

What a surprise and disappointment to pick up today's Chattanooga Times Free Press and to see the large leading article, with a large picture, about the dogs found in cruel living conditions but no mention of today, June 14, being Flag Day, and not even a picture of an American flag on the paper. I am sympathetic about the dogs that were mistreated, but where, oh where, is patriotism?

JOAN EIGENBERG, Signal Mountain