Support Crangle for House seat and other letter to the editors

Support Crangle for House seat and other letter to the editors

June 28th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Support Crangle for House seat

We are submitting this letter to express our support for Tommy Crangle for the Tennessee House, District 27 seat. We met Tommy and his wife, Pamper, at church and have known them for over 10 years. We know them as honorable, upstanding, loving Christians.

We know that Tommy has strong conservative values based on the strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution as the basis for all our laws. His strong work ethic and leadership abilities will be an asset to the citizens he will represent. As a result of a solid Christian foundation in his life and because of his beliefs that our Constitution was written for all Americans, Tommy will be a representative for everyone in his district not just those who will benefit him, his friends or the elite. Too often when we go to the polls to vote, we try to chose the candidate who is the lesser evil. It is not often we are given the opportunity to vote for a person with the integrity and ability Tommy possesses. We believe that Tommy has all the qualifications and abilities you could ask for in a representative for District 27 and urge you to cast your vote for him.


Vote Vince Dean for clerk position

I am writing to show my strong support for Vince Dean as our next Criminal Court clerk. I first met Vince when he worked with me in 2006. I can tell you firsthand that Vince is extremely hardworking and always presents himself in a professional manner. Also, he is one of the most dependable coworkers I have ever had. We also have mutual friends, and we all agree that Vince is the best candidate for this position. I believe that you see a person's true nature when you work with them every day. I am here to tell you that Hamilton County's tax dollars will be well served with Vince Dean in office. Let's get out and vote for Vince Dean for Criminal Court clerk!

BRIAN McBRYAR, Soddy-Daisy

Health care has a cost

More than once, I have read an article in your paper about the free national health care in England. Sorry, you should check your sources. A large amount comes out of every wage earner's paycheck to pay for their health care. Any country that has socialized medicine either has a deduction out of a paycheck - or very high taxes. Canada is one example. In your recent article, you mention USA as having the worst health care. Here, I can get a hip replacement when I need it, not be put on a list for over a year. Just one example!

Also, please do not say someone is fired when they are laid off. Fired is when someone is forced to leave the company for various reasons. Laid off is when no work is available.