Mayor thanks TDOT for help and other letters to the editors

Mayor thanks TDOT for help and other letters to the editors

March 10th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Mayor thanks TDOT for help

While we experienced a minimum of inconvenience during the initial phases of the project to widen and improve U.S. Highway 27, recent changes to the exit for Signal Mountain and Dayton Boulevard have created significant delays for our residents. We brought our concerns to TDOT's attention, and within two days TDOT Commissioner John Schroer visited Chattanooga to address those concerns. And while TDOT has always been responsive to our needs and concerns, the commissioner, TDOT and the contractor recognized the need to speed up the ramp work because of the inconvenience experienced by Signal Mountain residents. Within two days, work to remove the old ramp began, a new compacted gravel roadbed was laid and an asphalt cap was poured. To further expedite the process, TDOT's contractor is using a special quick-set concrete and has worked very hard to expedite the process in every way possible. We hope to see completion of this phase of the project on or before March 31, at which point we will enjoy a new and vastly improved two-lane exit/entrance to Signal Mountain Road. Thanks, TDOT. We ap- preciate your support and consideration.

BILL LUSK Mayor, town of Signal Mountain

More apartments not needed

Regarding the article in last Sunday's newspaper about the opposition to Marcus Lyons' using a residential community to access property where he wished to build 300 apartments in Red Bank, I need to point out several things he didn't mention. The rezoning request he is asking for would give him access through two lots in a residential area to the construction site. This residential area would be subjected to dump trucks, heavy equipment trucks, bulldozers, container trucks, etc. The area of Ashmore Avenue which he wants to use is a magnet for walkers, runners, skaters and bikers. These don't mix. The property in question does have access from the lower end of Ashmore near the tunnel that is mostly commercial, but he doesn't want to use that entry because the residential Ashmore is more pleasing to the eye. Red Bank does not need any more apartments. There are hundreds of vacancies that exist permanently and 300 more will only add to the list. We know the apartments will go forward as he stated, but to put the entry in our residential area would be a tremendous burden on the present owners, with 600 cars or more following the construction trucks once the apartments are completed.