The Bible and homosexuality and other letters to the editors

The Bible and homosexuality and other letters to the editors

March 13th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

The Bible and homosexuality

A Feb. 26 letter on homosexuality was bull's-eye on target. Those who choose to live in this unnatural lifestyle or, should I say death choice, defile themselves through a sin that God calls an abomination. This particular scourge upon society has destroyed past civilizations that indulged in it, just as it will bring certain destruction on our own nation for the same reason. The only truth here regarding homosexuality is that "the wages of sin is death," and God doesn't negotiate with sin. All mankind is judged on the other side of the "casket lid" for the things done in the body on this side of the "casket lid." So in essence, the question to a homosexual should not be, "Can you live in peace with our choice?" but rather, "Will you die in peace with your choice?" I believe the later to be impossible! Christians are praying and Jesus is calling. Will you listen?

CHARLIE WALL, Chickamauga, Ga.

Clint Eastwood revisited

In view of the announcements coming out of the White House lately, I wonder how many of you have thought of the skit performed by Clint Eastwood during the last Republican National Convention when Clint was attempting to engage the "empty chair" in conversation.

DARDEN NEWMAN, Signal Mountain

Issa appears dangerous

As I watched on TV how U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa presided over his congressional committee recently, I saw many similarities to the methods used by Russia's President Putin to impose his will on the Ukrainian Crimea and the Nazi intimidation of the German parliament in February 1933.

TYLER DEIERHOI, Signal Mountain

Lighten up on workers

The person who recently complained of inaccuracies at fast-food places and the gall workers have in wanting to have the minimum wage increased -- perhaps if they were making a living wage, their accuracy rate would go up since they'd then have some motivation to be more accurate in their job. Aside from that, if you are in fact a doctor, you are setting a poor example by choosing such fare to consume so frequently.


Arizona veto was right

The Free Press editor claims hysterically that the veto of an idiotic bill by the governor of Arizona poses a threat to religious liberty and signifies a growing hostility to religion. State legislators denied a discriminatory intent but justified the bill by reference to the cases of a photographer and a baker who faced legal consequences for refusing to serve gay couples in their celebrations of union. The charge that the bill was vetoed for base and craven political reasons is doubtless accurate. Nevertheless, the veto was right. Principles of religious liberty protect, but do not vindicate, those who condemn homosexuality and homosexuals. Everyone is free upon religious pretexts to adopt perverse and ignorant interpretations of scripture in order to violate the teachings of Christ. But religious freedom is the right to practice one's own religion, however despicable, not the right to enshrine it in public law, nor to inflict it upon others, nor to use it to do harm. Much nonsense is tolerated because freedom of religion is so important. But the claim that taking photographs or baking a cake for a gay wedding violates a religious duty is intolerable nonsense.


Too many commercials

WDEF-Channel 12 cable viewers: If you failed to see any of the commercials, don't fret! All you have to do is turn your TV on at noon for news and weather. You will see them all! Everything from your lack of a sex life to women's best pads for monthly use! By the way, you might catch skits of news and weather if you hang in there. Well, someone has to pay the bill. Thankfully, poor Luther gets a few seconds, still, at the very last!


A hand for Bennett

The March 4 political cartoon on the Times side is great. It is obvious that Clay Bennett draws with his right hand because he drew a picture of his own left hand. Thanks, Clay. Now we know!