Please check AP reports - and more letters to the editors

Please check AP reports - and more letters to the editors

March 18th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Please check AP reports

The AP story "Conservatives talk up social issues" recently misrepresented aspects of the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C.

I noticed AP's misleading commentary on Sen. Rand Paul, having attended CPAC personally. AP described him as libertarian and unlikely to oppose "private" issues, in contrast to Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Rick Santorum.

Libertarians heavily emphasize individual rights and personal freedom. So do the documents on which America was founded. But true conservatives realize those documents also require strong personal moral principles necessary for the endurance of the republic and firmly support conservative social values as well as a conservative economic policy.

While at CPAC, Paul did not directly address "private" issues; he has already demonstrated a firm, social conservative stance.

Paul is not libertarian. He is a conservative, and one willing, though perhaps not in the same manner as Perry and Santorum, to take a stand on moral issues.

... Chattanoogans liberal and conservative look to the Chattanooga Times Free Press for balanced, factually correct news coverage.

The paper should vet stories not directly reported more carefully.


Saying no to the union

As predicted, the UAW did lose the election at VW. As predicted, the UAW will use whatever means to have the results disqualified. Kind of like saying we lost because the people were too smart to believe our propaganda or the president's advice.

One vote at a time, the employees proved how important it is to make the smart choice when it came time to vote in this election.

Having worked with all the automotive manufacturers, including VW in Wesmoreland, Pa., and seeing the plant go from being very efficient when new to the same as any other automotive plant as the UAW influence grew, makes you wonder what kind of stranglehold the union has on VW.

Bringing the UAW into the VW plant will guarantee the selling price rises as the quality diminishes, causing orders to drop.

Yes, it is true that had the union won, you would not have to join. You may say no, but with union and peer pressure, you would eventually join.

By saying no to the union, you said thank you to all the taxpayers who will be paying for your job for many years.