What happened to our spoons? - and more letters to the editors

What happened to our spoons? - and more letters to the editors

March 19th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

What happened to our spoons?

My wife and I frequently eat out at local restaurants. Over the last several months, we have encountered a rather strange phenomenon. When receiving our utensils, spoons are seldom included in the setting.

It is an inconvenience to constantly ask for spoons when you have beverages that require a stir. Do spoons always arrive timely after the request? Normally, they do not!

Sometimes you wait until your coffee is lukewarm, or you may just decide to gulp down a bitter swallow of an unsweetened drink. Just how expensive is it to wash and wrap spoons with other utensils? Even in Vietnam, we had spoons to sip, dip and stir our food or drink.

It almost appears that a nationwide study by Bon Appetite indicates that spoons are no longer needed for dining. I guess senior citizens were left out of that sampling.

I realize there are many things in life far more important than not having spoons when you eat. However, it just seems to be another process of eroded personal service that continues to sweep our nation.

It would be nice when we dine to refrain from asking my wife the same rhetorical question, "What, no spoons again?"


Find a place for Coke

I saw an article about Coca-Cola wanting to go bigger in Chattanooga, but they were not sure if they could find a spot big enough for them to have the amount of room needed for a proper distribution center and warehouse.

Surely I am not the only one who would love to see this become a reality and take away some brownfields and turn them into a gateway into Chattanooga.

Yes, I am talking about a spot right off Interstate 24 coming into Chattanooga that used to be the old U.S. Pipe.

[There is] easy interstate access with abundant space for expansion. Plus think about the free advertisement to all those drivers passing by every day.

Seems to me that some of the powers of Chattanooga would work as hard to make this happen as they did for VW.

Just a thought from a simple mind.


Thanks for the paper

We just want to tell you how pleased we are to have your great newspaper here in Cleveland. Your paper gives us everything a paper can.

We also want to say we are extremely happy with the person who delivers our paper. He/she is great, and we are glad to have them.

Please keep up the good work.

MR. AND MRS. FICCO, Charleston, Tenn.