Reader wants quality control and other letters to the editors

Reader wants quality control and other letters to the editors

March 21st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Reader wants quality control

I am sick to death with your constant poor excuses about the quality of the newspaper. Your zeal to produce color has cost you, and to tell the truth, I personally detest the faded, washed-out color. Give us back newspaper in black and white. We want news, not Life magazine. Today, March 12, we were shorted two whole sections of the paper, E and F; this amounts to half of the daily paper. We keep reading the same flimsy excuses about million-dollar presses; well, the desire for color pictures could come at a great cost to your daily circulation and readership. You are not the only newspaper available to us.


What about the real problems?

Our unemployment rate continues to stagnate, our national debt continues to climb, the issue of food stamps is out of control, our enemies are exploiting Obama's weaknesses, our allies are losing respect for us and our country is in a state of decline. Yet the Democrats spend a million dollars in an all-night session debating climate change. Go figure.


Vote Smith for public defender

I would like to encourage locals to cast a vote for Steve Smith for public defender on May 6 in the Hamilton County Primary election. He has over a decade of experience working in the criminal justice system. In this role, he witnessed first-hand the improvements that need to be made. For instance, he has pledged to remedy the situation he has seen regarding delays and unnecessary expenses. He is also an advocate for the values that are inherent in the U.S. Constitution, and he will bring that mindset to his duties as public defender. Mr. Smith is a devoted family man who has four children with his wife, Mary. They are members of Signal Mountain United Methodist Church, where he is on the Administrative Council. He is an active community member who always goes the extra mile in helping worthy causes; he holds the values that are necessary in the role of public defender.


Thoughts on education

I suspect a review of written exemplars prepared by those promoting the mastering of cursive by the third grade will disclose the folly of such an idea. The fact that many look with disdain upon the idea also speaks volumes. The fact both the Times and Free Press editorial pages are criticizing the idea for a "secret meeting" to divvy up millions of dollars among the schools in Hamilton County is praise-worthy. I hope they do not back off and press even further on this issue.