Hold GOP responsible and other letters to the editors

Hold GOP responsible and other letters to the editors

March 24th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Hold GOP responsible

I've been thinking about the sharp, partisan divide in the Tennessee state and federal governments and the GOP domination of the process of governing. Instead of the GOP agenda, what if the conservatives and "obstructionists" had decided the ACA was indeed the law of the land, as the Supreme Court said it was, and they took the path that they would try to legally change what parts they didn't like and try to make it work for the citizens of our state? The GOP tried 50 times to repeal or defund it. Gov. Bill Haslam could have set up an exchange as Kentucky did that was successful in getting affordable insurance for their citizens. Eighteen other states also set up exchanges. These states had Democrat governors. What if they had tried to set up roadblocks to sabotage it? Maybe Sen. Mae Beavers wouldn't have proposed a loony bill banning enforcement of federal gun and health care laws and several others. Gov. Haslam, Ron Ramsey, Beth Harwell, Gerald McCormick and many others with the state GOP need to be held responsible at the ballot box for their actions.


Red Bank Get rid of Harry Reid

Some letter writers continuously rail against Republicans but only with innuendos -- never facts. Here are some facts: The Koch Brothers' financing for Republicans cannot touch what the unions give to the Democrats -- the top six unions giving more than $200 million to the Democrats. And let's not forget the George Soros donations to the Democrats that they seem to forget to mention. The Democrats are in power, and here's what they have brought to the table in the last five years: Benghazi deaths, IRS scandal, NSA scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, Black Panthers at the voting booth, no budget for four years, and then there's the Obamacare disaster. These are some of the facts. The "wonderful" Sen. Bob Corker truly is wonderful as he was the front-runner in bringing VW to Chattanooga. To correct the USA's present course heading to disaster, all the Republicans need to do is win the Senate and, this gets rid of Harry Reid. Just the facts, please.

J.D. PEARSON, Signal Mountain

Sex week and pregnancy

Let me make sure I'm understanding current events correctly. Isn't the governor currently in the process of implementing an initiative to increase retention rates in our universities? I think it would be fair to assume that some (not all) of the retention issue could be attributed to teen/college-aged pregnancy -- a topic that could, and most likely would, have been discussed as part of that "radical agenda pushing" Sex Week and would help raise retention rates. Condemning it seems to make total sense to me!

ROBBIE NICHOLSON, Cleveland, Tenn.