Confusing med costs and other letters to the editors

Confusing med costs and other letters to the editors

March 28th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Confusing med costs

My wife and I are on a BlueCross BlueShield Advantage plan. We both take an exact same medication, same strength, same number of tablets per refill. I went to pick up the monthly refills for both of us, and hers was 36 percent higher than mine. When I called BCBS to inquire as to why, I was told it is because my wife takes hers at a faster rate than I! They deduced this from the fact that last month I got the pharmacy to refill hers a few days early because it was more convenient than returning in eight more days. So, if you follow that logic, the grocery store should charge different prices for loaves of bread based on how fast you are going to eat that loaf of bread, right? Folks, common sense has left us with idiocy. We are in big trouble!


International reporting hit

Why does your paper continue to support the United States government's fomenting of insurrection in sovereign states with false reporting? Just like in Egypt and Libya, the United States caused a coup in the Ukraine to implement its geopolitical strategy to control Eurasia. (Thanks, Zbignew Brezinski.) Now, the national media demonizes Russia with the "Russia is evil campaign" (i.e. Russia is homophobic, the Winter Olympics facilities are subpar, the Russians kill stray dogs, etc.), and you are part of it. Stop being gutless reporters and regain your independence. The United States and its allies are meddling in the affairs of other nations, which endangers our lives and treasure. How ironic that Itar-tass and Pravda (Russian news agencies) are better sources of news than any American newspaper. Toadies all!


Rebuttal to Koch letter

The letter to the editor, "Right to Work and the Kochs," in the March 12 edition was taken from rule No. 5 of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." It holds that ridicule is man's most potent weapon. The writer goes on a rant about the Koch brothers' political contributions. He does not mention contributions by George Soros, nor groups he has funded; the UAW; and labor unions for public employees. All are legal, but a fact check would show their political donations are much greater than the Kochs'. Further, he indirectly compares right-to-work laws with slavery. Right to work, as the name implies, gives workers the right to join, or not, a union. VW workers exercised that right, which they have in Tennessee and Georgia. Slavery, to which he alluded, is an abomination in which one human owns another. His beloved Democrat Party constituted the majority of the slave-owning class and its members were perpetrators of the infamous Jim Crow laws which followed.