Shouldn't county pay for vests? and other letters to the editors

Shouldn't county pay for vests? and other letters to the editors

May 5th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Shouldn't county pay for vests?

I read an article in your paper on April 22 that gave information on a private organization buying protective vests for two of the county K-9 officers (this was the name they were referred to in the article). It was also stated the vests would only work well for five years but that some of the K-9 officers were wearing vests that were 7 years old. I do applaud this group for helping the K-9 officers. My question is why is a private organization having to buy anything for some of our most dedicated serving officers on the force? Given that there are only six K-9 officers mentioned on the force, it appears approximately $6,000 every four or five years would afford them at least adequate protection similar to the "human" officers. I have read comments that service dogs may have the same impact in a crime situation as three or four police officers. Surely this small amount can be carved out of the county budget to help protect some of our most dedicated officers who will give up their lives to protect their partner and other police officers. Please cut out one fact-finding trip every couple of years and help take care of these very valuable assets and policemen's friends.


Support Manuel for chancellor

I wanted to take this opportunity to recommend Joe Manuel for chancellor in Hamilton County. Having been Joe's opposing counsel in litigation, I have been able to personally observe his abilities, ethics and experience when practicing law. Based upon my experience litigating with Joe, I have no hesitancy in saying that Joe would make an excellent chancellor. He is well experienced, has practiced law for over 35 years and will be ready to hit the ground running if elected. In addition, Joe's experience and emphasis in his practice on alternative dispute resolution will be beneficial in Chancery Court. Joe has aided both litigants and their counsel in resolving disputes short of time-consuming and expensive litigation. Bringing this focus and experience to the bench will certainly help in decreasing the length and expense of litigation -- a result that would be beneficial to all citizens of Hamilton County who find themselves in Chancery Court. In summary, Joe is the type of experienced lawyer who understands the need to resolve disputes in a fair, impartial and cost-effective way that allows all citizens access to our courts. That is the type of chancellor we need here in Hamilton County.


Gun laws gone crazy

In Chickamauga, it's OK to shoot and kill someone ringing your doorbell at 4 a.m. in the morning. In Catoosa County, it's OK to shoot and kill a kid looking for scrap metal in your backyard in broad daylight. Now in Georgia, it's OK to carry a gun into a bar or into a church. I guess if you have an argument with someone over a pool game you just pull your gun and shoot the person, or if the preacher's sermon is stepping on toes you just pull your gun and shoot the preacher. Instead of addressing the problem of lack of discipline and morals of children while growing up this is the solution these great lawmakers have come up with. Remember the Peter Paul and Mary song: "When Will They Ever Learn?" Well, when will they ever learn?

JIM GRIFFIN, Chickamauga, Ga.