Vote Boyd for commission - and more letters to the editors

Vote Boyd for commission - and more letters to the editors

May 6th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Vote Boyd for commission

I strongly support Tim Boyd for Hamilton County Commission District 8.

I know all three of the candidates. They are all good men, but I believe Boyd is the man for the job. He's done great work during his first term as our District 8 county commissioner.

More than anyone else on the commission, he has protected the interests of the people and has been unafraid to vote against unnecessary government spending.

Tim gets it. He's not on the commission to support special interest groups. He takes his job very seriously to look out for us, the taxpayers. When he uses discretionary funds, his disbursements are sound and return greater value to our community.

He's got my vote!


FOP lodge endorses Parson

The Fraternal Order of Police/Rock City Lodge has officially endorsed Ron Parson for Circuit Court clerk in the upcoming Republican primary election.

The F.O.P. is the largest organization of sworn police officers in the country, and the Rock City Lodge No. 22 is the local chapter here in Hamilton County.

Sean O'Brien, master police officer and president of F.O.P. Rock City, stated in a letter to Parson, "It is with sincere hope and trust that, on behalf of our membership, I can inform you that you have received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police/ Rock City Lodge No. 22 for Hamilton County Circuit Court clerk. As you know, the members of Rock City Lodge No. 22 value the opportunity to endorse a candidate whom they believe will represent their values and vision within the realms of government service."

Mr. Parson stated, "I am honored to receive this endorsement and look forward to being able to further the noble cause of the F.O.P. as Circuit Court clerk."


Support Henry for clerk

Having worked in the legal field for the past 16 years as a court reporter, I have had the good fortune to meet and work and have gotten to know many of the people who work for the government and in the legal field in this area.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Larry L. Henry. I was very impressed with Henry's honesty, integrity and his work ethic. He is a fine, upstanding citizen of the Chattanooga area.

Prior to becoming a county commissioner for District 7, Henry had been a successful businessman in Chattanooga for almost 40 years. To date, he is currently in his 12th year on the County Commission.

To run the Hamilton County Circuit Court clerk's office is a very important position. It is vital for the individual who oversees the function and the day-to-day operation to have a sound understanding and knowledge of what this position entails. Henry has the knowledge, he has the experience and I believe he is the only candidate running for this office who does.

This is why I am endorsing Larry L. Henry for this position. I feel he will do his very best to make sure the office runs smoothly, without fail.


Fleenor the right choice

I am writing to ask you to vote for Pam McNutt Fleenor for chancellor.

I have been practicing law for 12 years, and I have known Pam throughout this time. Pam is a very capable trial lawyer with a wide and varied practice.

Pam is a Chattanooga native, a graduate of Central High, UTC and a Chapin-Thomas Scholar to the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

Pam is a hard worker, very competitive and does her best to win every case. As a judge, she will work diligently to try to reach the correct judgment in each matter before her. Chancery Court, Part 1 hears cases of those who cannot defend themselves, seniors with dementia facing conservatorship and victimized children in adoption proceedings.

Pam has the requisite judicial temperament and the compassion needed for determining these family issues. I am confident she would serve Hamilton County with humility and integrity.

I am voting for Pam McNutt Fleenor for chancellor, and I urge you to vote for her as well.


Vote Skillern for commission

Please join me in re-electing Mr. Fred Skillern as District 1 county commissioner.

Mr. Skillern has been a true ally of public education in his district. He has given thousands of dollars to purchase playground equipment, stock libraries and even kick-start a high school football program.

He puts his discretionary funds to good use. Mr. Skillern does not micromanage his schools, yet is just a phone call away from helping.

Thank you Mr. Skillern!


Turner is one of us

During the past month, I have done much talking/listening and reading about the District 7 County Commissioner's election, May 6.

One thing comes to mind, and that is the "trickle down" effect of big-time politics on local elections.

Here we have three front-runners: Perry Perkins with active police officer endorsement as well as retired police officers and the endorsement of the firefighters union.

Next we have Phil Smartt, who pretty much represents big (local and state) politics and big business.

Then we have Sabrena Turner, who has no big-time endorsements and is a small business owner, but has offered to represent the people of District 7.

Isn't she what we want/need to work for us, the people of District 7. Have we not learned what big-time connections do for us, the common folk?


Vote Hammond for sheriff

I am writing this letter in support of Sheriff Jim Hammond. Over the past six years, Jim Hammond has been much more than my boss; he has been a friend and someone I have depended on for advice and support.

He has worked tirelessly, advancing the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office to be recognized as a top law enforcement agency. With the combined efforts of the hard working men and women of the sheriff's office, we are continually making major strides.

Sheriff Hammond has aggressively tried to advance in technology in order for the deputies to to access information and perform more safely and efficiently. The Neighborhood Watch program has grown from a dozen or so to over 200 and is still growing and proving to be very productive in preventing and solving crime.

In these times, there are many things tearing away the foundation that our families and communities were built on. We need to keep strong, ethical, spiritual and moral leadership in public office.

God has blessed me with a wonderful family and a great career in public service. I am asking for the opportunity to remain as the chief deputy under Sheriff Jim Hammond and can only accomplish that with your support to re-elect Jim Hammond for sheriff.



Ladd is best choice

Pam Ladd is the premier candidate for Hamilton County Commission, District 4. Following employment with TVA and Provident, Pam launched Custom Custodial Inc. and operated a successful entrepreneurial business for 15 years in a highly competitive industry. She trained and managed over 140 employees and earned the profound respect of her staff and clients through the provision of excellent service and cohesive teamwork. Pam's business acumen was recognized through awards from the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

Pam is a philanthropist and servant leader. She has been honored by Chattanooga State with the Tiger award for her contributions to programs assisting at- risk students. In 2013, she received the American Lung Association's Women of Distinction award.

Her education includes a master's from UTC and an on-going pursuit of knowledge and professional training. Pam has an excellent perception of need and the vision to generate solutions. Pam is not merely a supervisor and director, she is a hands-on person who rolls up her sleeves and jumps into action as the need arises. This candidate takes pride in Chattanooga and Hamilton County. I encourage the voters in Pam's district to bring her back to the Council.


Backing Smartt for commission

I am a combat veteran of the Gulf War in Iraq, and I am now raising my family and operating a business here in Chattanooga. I am grateful for all that America represents, and we truly live in a wonderful community. Before now, I have not been overly involved in local politics; however, during this campaign season I decided to pay more attention to the message of the various candidates and to thoroughly examine their credentials. I live in District 7, and I have taken a look at all five candidates for the office of County Commissioner in District 7. While four of the five seem to have something positive to offer, it has become apparent to me that only one of them as the experience, the courage and a proven track record of being a leader in civic life, church life, business and professional life, and family man. In the war, I was in an armored division and was the driver of a tank. Every day I put my life in the hands of my captain who necessarily and repeatedly led us into harm's way. My simple observation is this: Of all those running for District 7 Commissioner, Phil Smartt is the only one I have seen do the things and heard say the things that would cause me to trust him in battle.


Vote Fleenor for chancellor

We are very concerned about whom we elect for our different political positions that are available for this election. That's why I am so excited to ask for your vote to elect Pam McNutt Fleenor.

I have known Pam as a friend since the late 1970's while she was a student at UTC, and a friend of my two daughters. She went on after graduating there to graduate from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Pam has been practicing law since 1986.

Pam was and is a wonderful, friendly and caring person. She currently practices law with Duncan, Hatcher, Hixson & Fleenor. She and her husband of 23 years, Phil, have two children and are members of Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church.

Pam has worked directly in Chancery Court and is often requested to serve as a special judge on behalf of Hamilton County's presiding judges. Pam has been recommended by many outstanding judges as well as very notable politicians.

Pam was nearly a 3 to 1 favorite by Chattanooga Bar Association voters. She has been a faithful conservative Republican also.

Please vote for our very trusted, competent and caring friend for Chancellor !


Signal Mountain

Hammond a good leader

The selection of a sheriff should be based on what the person will do for our community. We can determine this through the service already provided. A person may go to the sheriff's website and see what has been done in the last three-plus years.

While attending the national conference of the American Jail Association, I learned how county commissions support their sheriff. In this county, we have a County Commission that has difficulty supporting the sheriff. Why is this happening? The sheriff's annual reports indicate he is doing all the right things, but the Commission will give the sheriff the bare bones needed to get the work done, and then if he requests more money they criticize him. The Commission needs to support our sheriff.

The only candidate that can show us the leadership and the accomplishments through leadership is Sheriff Hammond and his command staff. We are fortunate to have these individuals serving our county. This is why we should support Sheriff Jim Hammond with our vote.



Supporting Brent Lambert

I am proud to support Brent Lambert for District 8 county commissioner, and I encourage others to do the same. I have attended many City Council meetings in East Ridge through the years, so I've seen Brent's leadership ability firsthand. He has a professional approach to his job as mayor and treats everyone fairly, whether he agrees with them or not. Brent is a stickler for doing things the right way; he is quick to admit a mistake and even quicker to find a way of fixing the problem. He also has the ability to compromise without compromising what he believes in. Brent is simply a good man who we can count on to do the right thing, and we sure could use more people like that in public office. And I sure hope we elect that kind of individual as county commissioner to represent District 8.


East Ridge

Henry for clerk

We support Larry Henry for Circuit Court clerk. He is an exemplary public servant and trustworthy steward. Mr. Henry is well-prepared for this important duty. His background in private business, and public service has well-prepared him to serve as Circuit Court clerk. Larry is a man of integrity whom we have known personally for many years. He has an outstanding family and is a man of faith, deserving our trust. Please vote for Larry Henry in the Republican primary.


Signal Mountain

Turner right for commission

District 7 needs a passionate leader on the County Commission Nearly four years ago, our community faced a challenge when the city of Chattanooga tried to annex portions of District 7 into the city. This effort was derailed thanks to the efforts of many, but one of the key leaders was Sabrena Turner.

This is why many are supporting Sabrena today.

When it mattered most, Sabrena demonstrated she has the passion, leadership skills and drive to unite a community and accomplish a goal. This is the type of leader our community needs on the County Commission. What our district does not need is a longtime appointed bureaucrat or someone who has little record of leading on any of the major issues affecting District 7. As an owner of a successful real estate business and an active civic leader, Sabrena has the experience, knowledge and skills to lead our community. I also believe Sabrena will be a strong voice for our concerns on the County Commission - one will advocate for the needs of the taxpayers, neighborhoods and business community.

If you want to change the status quo at the county courthouse, I encourage you to vote for Sabrena Turner as the next District 7 representative for the Hamilton County Commission.



Turner cares about schools

As a 19-year-old who cares about the community and most importantly our schools, I support Sabrena Turner for County Commission in District 7. After attending a debate, I spoke to, or tried to speak to (I was ignored by some) all of the candidates, and Mrs. Turner was the only one who came up to me first. Following our conversation, I could feel her passion for the district and the vision she has for it to continue its growth. I could tell she cares not only about our schools, but most importantly the students who are usually forgotten within politics. I have since gotten to know Mrs. Turner, and I have to say: she is a woman of principle and a born leader. I would urge anyone who lives in District 7 to go out and meet the candidates. I have no doubt that, like me, you'll see Sabrena Turner is the candidate for District 7.



Vote Adams in District 8

Back to basic. I remember when a person was elected to any office, he or she was to make decisions based on the suggestions of the people they served. Curtis D. Adams does just that. His door is always open, he listens, researches the ideas and suggestions and after prayer and consideration makes a decision for his district. Mr Adams has and always will conduct an honest and noncombative campaign. I ask you to join me and vote to return Curtis Adams to District 8 county commissioner.



Manuel's qualities right for chancellor

Joe Manuel is particularly qualified to serve as Hamilton County chancellor by reason of his extensive law practice and long experience as a legal dispute mediator. Much of what a chancellor does is encouraging and assisting parties in a dispute to reach voluntary agreements to resolve their differences. Actual trial and judgment by the court is always more expensive and usually more unpleasant for all parties than agreements which usually result from good mediations. Mediation-minded judges can encourage this process. In addition, in our county the chancellor who has a case assigned for trial will often ask the other chancellor to mediate the case first. Mr. Manuel brings this demonstrated capability to the table. It is a valuable commodity.


Vote Bennett for judge

I am a Hamilton County lawyer and support J.B. Bennett in his race for Hamilton County Circuit Court judge. I encourage your readers to vote for him in the upcoming election.

I have been trying cases in the Hamilton County courts for 38 years. The circuit courts are vital part of our civil justice system. People and businesses rely on our Circuit Court judges to decide issues and cases that are important to them. It is vital our judges be fair and impartial. Their rulings need to be well informed, based on the evidence, and they need to be correct in the law. I have known J.B. Bennett professionally for many years. He has the qualities and knowledge a good judge should have. J.B. Bennett is a good choice for Circuit Court judge. He is my choice.


Smartt teaches by example

My name is Tyler Ward, and I am one of Phil Smartt's grandchildren. In fact, I am the oldest of all of his grandchildren. Two things my grandfather has always stressed to us grandchildren for as long as I can remember are his religious convictions and his emphasis on getting an education. I would like to say a few words on the latter. The importance that my grandfather placed on education is evident in his own educational achievements and the educational attainments of his children and grandchildren. Since I was little, I can remember my grandfather talking about his experiences at Brigham Young University working towards his bachelor's degree. His example set a precedent in our family of making education a priority. All of his children attended college, and many went on to complete professional degrees. I graduated from Brigham Young University last spring and am now attending University of Tennessee Health Science Center's College of Medicine in Memphis, working towards a medical degree. Throughout my own educational journey, my grandfather's example has been an inspiration and a guide. One thing I have learned through my years of school is that education is not limited to the classroom and is a lifelong pursuit. I can attest that Phil Smartt truly believes in the importance of education and even to this day is an example to me and many others of the value of making education and learning a lifelong pursuit.


Cordova, Tenn.

Vote Smartt for commission

I have known Phil Smartt for over 35 years. He has always been a man of character. As a business owner for 38 years (he is retired now and will be able to devote full time to his new position on the Hamilton County Council), he has the experience and wherewithal to handle the county's business.

Phil Smartt has played a large role in our community. He served 10 years on the Waste Water Treatment Authority, as chairman of the Hamilton County school board, and worked with the Hamilton County Community Services Agency, to name only a few of his accomplishment in our community. I therefore believe he is the best person for this post.


Boyd holds line on taxes

Ronald Reagan once said, "Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." I want the government out of my business and out of my wallet. Commissioner Tim Boyd believes in keeping taxes low and has defended our community from unnecessary tax increases. I believe in Commissioner Tim Boyd, and I proudly support him for re-election. He's done a great job and will continue to stand up for what is best for the citizens of Hamilton County. Tim will make the right choices for our community, the citizens of Hamilton County, and his District 8 constituents.


East Ridge

Vote Smartt for commission

I have known Phil Smartt for over 35 years. He has always been a man of character. As a business owner for 38 years (he is retired now and will be able to devote full time to his new position on the Hamilton County Council), he has the experience and wherewithal to handle the county's business.

Phil Smartt has played a large role in our community. He served 10 years on the Waste Water Treatment Authority, as chairman of the Hamilton County school board, and worked with the Hamilton County Community Services Agency, to name only a few of his accomplishment in our community. I therefore believe he is the best person for this post.


Skillern a man of the community

The Times Free Press editorial writers think District 1 wants a "more visible" commissioner. How can anyone be more visible than Fred Skillern, who has lived in the district over 70 years? He graduated there, works, owns a business and has attended church there his entire life. Skillern also has an open- door policy at his workplace where anyone can come in and talk to him anytime.

The TFP says Skillern's opponent would be more "open-minded." About what? Raising taxes? Spending the entire rainy day fund down to the bare minimum? Spending the entire discretionary fund each year?

Fred knows if the economy tanks and tax revenues from the state fall off drastically, all shortfalls then fall on the Commission. What if the rainy day fund has been spent down to the bare minimum? Where will money come from?

If all of the discretionary fund is spent each year, how can enough money be accumulated to partner with the school system to get major improvements like a track at Soddy Daisy High or an entrance off Sequoyah Road to Daisy Elementary ($400,00-500,000)?

Skillern has made a reputation of treating taxpayer dollars like he does his own. Vote Skillern, District 1, for proven fiscal responsibility.



Supporting Manuel

Lill and I have known Joe Manuel for about 25 years and have followed his career during this time. The career path he has chosen has well prepared him to be our next chancellor. We have already voted for Joe Manuel in early voting and ask you to vote for him as well on May 6.


Fleenor for judge

We urge you to vote for Pam McNutt Fleenor for Chancery judge.

We have known Pam since she was a young girl living next door. We have been friends as she grew up, went to college, began her career in law, married and became a mother of two.

We would describe Pam as a woman of character, hard working with a strong work ethic. She is a compassionate and caring citizen. Based on her character, her abilities, and her experience in the law profession, we know Pam McNutt Fleenor would make an excellent choice for Chancery judge.



Lambert for commission

I am writing to express my support for Brent Lambert in the District 8 County Commission race. When Brent announced his candidacy, he vowed to run a clean campaign focused on ideas and issues, and he has kept that promise. If you know Brent, you understand there is nothing more important to him than his Christian faith and testimony. So it's no surprise he has stayed far away from the hateful smear tactics and "mud slinging" on which some candidates rely. After all, if you have to make your opponents look bad in order for you to look good, then maybe you shouldn't be running in the first place. I have no doubt Brent will provide principled leadership, and I would encourage everyone in District 8 to vote for him. He certainly has my vote!


East Ridge

Vote Perkins for commission

Look no further; select Perry Perkins in District 7. Perry is intelligent, honest, a good worker and will do the job that he is committed to do. He has been our friend and has done work for us for many years. If you elect him, we believe you will see good results brought to this office.