Thanks for Bodine column and other letters to the editors

Thanks for Bodine column and other letters to the editors

May 17th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Thanks for Bodine column

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the column by Mike C. Bodine in the April 30 edition. He made many excellent points. He summed it up very well when he said, "live and let live." Thanks for an excellent column.


Wars on a credit card

Why is it that citizens in the South are less informed than the rest of the nation? Our representatives choose a line of deceit to lure voters to vote against themselves. Our senator, Bob Corker, lied to his constituents about VW going to build an SUV here if they vote against the union. We are told lies on a daily basis, without impunity, by the right-wing pundits and the right side of this newspaper. It's no wonder we're losing our status in the world. The chicken hawks are screaming for a war with Russia or anyone else they can get their base all riled up about and fundraise off hatred and misinformation. Are they going to send their sons and daughters to fight? I think you know the answer. They wanted us to go running into Syria, Bush/Cheney's fiasco in Iraq, Reagan's Grenada, and on and on. All these wars were put on our (the taxpayers') credit card. The money made off the Iraq war lined Cheney's pockets, and those of Halliburton, and who knows what happened to missing millions. Now, we're being lied to everywhere we turn about the Affordable Care Act and the Keystone pipeline.

ANN BENTON, Signal Mountain