Forget those party labels and other letters to the editors

Forget those party labels and other letters to the editors

May 23rd, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Forget those party labels

I'm an independent voter who's disgusted by all the purity tests by Democrats, Republicans and the tea party. I have a mixed voting record, like everybody else in our home. I want someone to represent me and my family in elections. I want our neighborhoods safe. I want our schools to produce kids who can get into college and get a job. I want my husband's small business to be left alone to make a decent profit and not have to pay so many taxes. I want people who are able to work to get a job and get off welfare. I don't want someone telling me about how much more Christian they are than anybody else. I don't want to hear anyone who questions my patriotism because I voted for so-and-so. I don't give a care who you've got working on your campaign or what other politicians say about you. The questions I want answered by anyone who runs for elected office are, "What have you done on your own? What are you going to specifically do based on your own qualifications?" What you've done means much more than what party you're in or how partisan you are.


Spend time in Bible

study It is apparent more people need to not only spend more time reading the Bible, they need to get more into additional Bible study. When people get more in-depth with Bible study, they will discover the Bible is very easy to understand. They will also find it is impossible for the Bible to contradict itself. Also, when there is a documentary on Bible things on TV or in the movies: If one has really studied the Bible, they can tell when the documentary on God, Jesus or the Bible has been twisted up. It would be really great if everyone would spend more time in and more in-depth in Bible study to find out what the Bible truly says.


What about the victim?

In response to the May 7 Larry Ingle letter about the botched execution in Oklahoma: I'm sure the young woman he buried alive suffered more than he did. If the injection and heart attack were too "atrocious," we could have just buried him alive, tit for tat. I would have liked to have the last shovel full of dirt to throw on top of him and tell him to take a deep breath and hold it.