Take care of veterans and other letters to the editors

Take care of veterans and other letters to the editors

May 24th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Take care of veterans

In this new United States that President Obama has created, two things are certain. One, the oath to uphold and protect the Constitution is without meaning. The Constitution is totally ignored in the pursuit of corruption, power and self-enrichment. Two, if you are in the military or a veteran who dedicated your life to defend that Constitution, you will be allowed to suffer and go hungry. Soon, there will be no one willing to put on the uniform to defend this country because the only thing it will get them is death for political purposes, suffering with no help at the hands of the Department of Veteran Affairs, and total disregard by this generation of uninformed and uncaring citizens. Imagine, an illegal alien can receive some government benefits in under 30 days, but a disabled veteran suffering and unable to work because of service injuries waits for years for benefits while wondering "was my file deleted because they wanted to look good to their boss." So much for the shining city on the hill.

ELDON COOPER, Ringgold, Ga.

Veterans, salute the flag

When you see civilians saluting at Memorial Day events this weekend, you'll be looking at American veterans. As civilians stand and hold their hands over their hearts, Congress has extended the special privilege to render the military salute at flag ceremonies to all 21 million men and women who have worn our nation's uniforms in war and peace. America loves and respects all of those who left their homes and lived the military life for however long or short a time. Veterans should join the invited 100 members of Congress who are also veterans in rendering a proud, military salute as the flags pass this weekend.

ROBERT E. GRIFFITH, Commander, USNR (Ret) Arlington Hts. Ill.

Encourage masculine virtues

In case no one has told you other than David Cook, human beings are not a mixture of male and female. Last I checked, you are either one or the other. That Mr. Cook would describe such virtues as wisdom, sensitivity and grief as being exclusively feminine reflects a distorted view of masculinity. The world does not need men to act more like women; we need men to model true masculine virtues. In America, it is not only the female who has been buried, as Mr. Cook suggests. Instead, we have blurred the line between male and female and in doing so have buried both. As a result, we have a generation of boys and young men who lag behind in school, are diagnosed with ADHD in record numbers and are less likely to go to college than their female counterparts. I would encourage the young men of Mr. Cook's generation to rescue their boys and the girls by reclaiming the ideals of true manhood. The virtues of courage, honor, love, wisdom and sensitivity that Mr. Cook pines for, and the world so desperately needs, will follow.

THAD WHITFIELD, Signal Mountain