Questioning price of paper - and more letters to the editors

Questioning price of paper - and more letters to the editors

May 28th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Questioning price of paper

I have a question: Why did the cost of the paper go up so high?

In fact, the print on the first and local page is so dull you can hardly read it. It's been this way for a while but Monday and Tuesday my papers were really bad. But I notice the sports page print is darker.

If you got new equipment, it should be better. Put more ink in your printer. I can't say your paper is one of the Top 10 -- at least not now.


Fleischmann cares about vets

We would like to extend our appreciation to Congressman Chuck Fleischmann for his interest in veterans and widows of veterans. It is very important that the congressman has hired a staff member to assist with veterans affairs.

As widows of veterans who were either killed in action or who died of service- connected injury or illness, we realize this was a much needed position. We have members from not only Tennessee but Georgia and Alabama, as well, so we are looking forward to such representation taking place in Georgia and Alabama from political leaders.

As for Congressman Fleischmann, he was interested in our well-being before becoming a member of Congress. The congressman's service is greatly appreciated.


Ticket policy needs change

Looks like Chattanooga is trying to copy the protocol of the now infamous red light cameras in Red Bank. Their sole purpose seemed to be to increase the city's revenue base by automatically ticketing traffic that turned right primarily at the intersection of Dayton Boulevard and Ashland Terrace.

My first ticket was valid -- a rolling stop. The second ticket was purely a trap -- no "do not turn right on red" sign, and I came to a full five-second stop, then turned right.

The result of these red light cameras was to make residents and visitors of Red Bank extremely mad and cause the local businessmen to lose business. Now Chattanooga is beginning a similar sequence with their speeding tickets by positioning their unmarked white SUVs at highly used intersections with slow posted speeds.

My wife just received her first such ticket and has sworn not to use that route to work anymore. Her new route will require 80 more miles of travel each week, adding pollution and using about three and a half more gallons of gas per week.

We've already noticed a lesser frequency of vehicles using the East Brainerd Road I-75 entrances. They must be using alternate routes to work.

Let's do away with these revenue makers in sheep's clothing.