Get Limbaugh off armed forces radio and other letters to the editors

Get Limbaugh off armed forces radio and other letters to the editors

May 31st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Get Limbaugh off armed forces radio

Our taxpayer money pays Rush Limbaugh to be on U.S. Armed Forces Radio. That may be the most egregious misuse of our tax money! Please call and/or write your senators and representatives, sign all petitions, and do everything else you can possibly do to get this vile, hatefully divisive, un-American, anti-patriotic, lying hypocrite off our government payroll! Rush Limbaugh's only message is hatred! Hate radio and Fox News are some of the most destructive entities ever unleashed on our country! With their hateful divisive lies, they inspire and encourage low-intelligence, non-fact seekers such as the Timothy McVeighs and all the hate groups out there. We recently had a Nazi gang right here in Chattanooga. Most folks condemned them, just as they should have, but the above mentioned groups fit right in with those fascist groups and their hatred of "others." They intentionally block information. Here is an example: They know that GOP voters will not check to see how their politicians vote. In February 2014, all but two Republican senators voted against a bill for improving veterans' benefits. Two others did not vote, and the bill failed to pass. Then they direct the blame on President Obama and Democrats!

WALTER BENTON, Signal Mountain

Police blotter for city missed

I was told by an employee of the paper that the Chattanooga police and Hamilton County Sheriff's Office were refusing to put the police blotter in a usable format for the newspaper. I contacted both Hamilton County Commissioner Joseph Graham and City Councilman Chip Anderson's office and have already gotten a call from Mayor Andy Berke's office. I told them specifically as a citizen of this city that I want to see the police blotter -- show what is going on here in Chattanooga. I am also aware it is a popular item in our fine newspaper, of which I am a loyal subscriber. This letter is to show that we the citizens of Chattanooga should contact our officials when something is wrong with this city. I, for one, look forward to seeing Chattanooga crime listed again in our paper.


Abandoned babies and abortion

Everyone! Please re-read the "Man meets woman - - -" article (Saturday, May 24, Times Free Press) a couple of times! Try to imagine the scene, the thoughts and feelings of the boy and his grandfather on discovering that baby. Just try hard, because unless you have been in that situation yourself it's impossible to know what they must have felt. Now think about the woman who lives knowing that her mother wanted her dead, left unloved and abandoned in a field. Do you feel anguish -- sadness? That abandoned baby girl represents, in a tiny way, what we do thousands of times every day as we kill unwanted "fetuses" -- babies inconvenient, unloved, abandoned -- not in some farm field but in an abortion clinic's dumpster.