Read the full Bible for better context and other letters to the editors

Read the full Bible for better context and other letters to the editors

September 1st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Read the full Bible for better context

Recently a letter writer asked if anyone reads the Bible, and he cited support for the marriage equality law as lack of biblical literacy. Readers who take verses out of the Bible to support their theological and political positions may be surprised to find what the Bible really says when it is read and understood as the library that it really is. Let's look at a few other verses: In Deuteronomy 15, every seven years there is to be remission of all debts (that would help our economy!) In Leviticus, we read about the year of Jubilee when all property goes back to the original owner (wow!). In Leviticus 19, "... you shall not oppress the alien (foreigner). You shall love the alien as yourself." This should help us with our immigration issue. In Proverbs 30, we are told to stone rebellious sons to death. Would that prevent juvenile crime sprees? Check Romans: "... there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus" (good public relations!). Also that thing about "love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12) being the greatest commandment is interesting. Suppose we really study the Bible.

PEGGY CLEVELAND, Mineral Bluff, Ga.

On gay marriage: Mind your business

If asked my position on gay marriage, I reply, "I myself am in a two-gender marriage, but anyone else's marriage is no business of mine nor yours. If you deplore bi-racial, same-gender, polygamous, incestuous, intra-species, tree-stump or whatever unions, then you should marry according to your preferences and stay out of others' business." Many run to the Bible to buttress their opinions on God-preferred unions, but that can be dangerous. Polygamy? The book is full of examples where Yahweh chose and blessed his favorites, Abraham among others, who had multiple wives. David, anointed by God, even murdered to steal an extra wife. Incest? In Genesis 20:12, King Abimelech curses Abraham, God's chosen, for representing his wife as his sister, but Abraham confesses, "She is truly my sister ... the daughter of my father, but not of my mother, and she became my wife." Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, but declared divorce and remarriage to be adultery, a sin the Ten Commandments forbids. A wise policy? Mind your own business and let others mind theirs. "Judge not ...," someone said.

THOMAS ROGERS, Dayton, Tenn.

Community left out of sign argument

Erica Smith's argument for revamping the city's sign code using the constitutional argument that all should be allowed as an individual right is both narcissistic and anti-community. Using her argument, a brothel should be allowed to put a large mural on the side of the building with nudes copulating! It is a business advertisement, after all. Yes, I think that murals should be allowed but by permit from the city involving community input. As my mother always said: "Your freedom only extends as far as it infringes on the rights of others." We are a community, and the businesses are part of a community, and the community has rights, too.