Fleischmann does job he was elected to do - and more letters to the editors

Fleischmann does job he was elected to do - and more letters to the editors

September 2nd, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Fleischmann does job he was elected to do

In response to the great letter to the editor which appeared in your paper on Aug. 24: Mr. Watson's criticism of Weston Wamp and your newspaper was damning and accurate!

How it slipped past the censors, I can't imagine, but kudos to Brian Watson for advancing to the flag of truth in writing, and kudos to Chuck Fleischmann for doing the job we conservative Republicans elected him to do.


Union supports those who support schools

Recently, some poorly informed folks spread misinformation from the Beacon Center website encouraging teachers to "quit the union." It alleges our support of a state income tax and a left-wing agenda.

But the state legislature determines how we are taxed and adequately funds our public schools. It also collects and redistributes public monies, not teachers or any other organization.

In my district, state Sen. Bo Watson and state Rep. Gerald McCormick both received high marks from TEA during the last legislative session. Are they the left-wing radicals of whom Justin Owen and J.C. Bowman speak? I think not.

In Hamilton County, the HCEA recommended Mayor Jim Coppinger and recently elected Commissioner Randy Fairbanks. These men are definitely not members of a radical left wing.

When TEA or HCEA recommends candidates, we do it because they're doing what's right for the students of Hamilton County and the state.

It is not about partisan politics; it's about attracting and retaining good teachers for our public schools. The best interest of our students is our agenda.

TEA and HCEA are made up of qualified educators who teach in our public schools, not a "think tank" in another city or state.


Gun owners: Be responsible

I recently read about a young child who found a gun and shot himself, and a man in Helen, Ga., who accidentally discharged his gun in the street, wounding him and killing an innocent woman who was in the wrong place.

I have read about many meaningless deaths because of our inability to properly handle firearms. Look at the two local incidents where unnecessary force brought untimely deaths to a teenager and an Alzheimer's patient.

Yet, I have failed to hear of once where the "good guy" was in the right place at the right time to prevent the "bad guy" from killing more people. And this is what the NRA uses as its propaganda to prevent sensible gun laws that can prevent such deaths. And we still demand our Second Amendment right.

Two years ago, 2-year-old Brennan Nowell on Signal Mountain got access to his grandfather's gun and accidentally shot himself. The heart-wrenching obituary from his mom should have been enough to make us all think exactly what we are doing to ourselves.

Whoever read that obituary should have cried over that mother's pain.

If you must carry a gun, be responsible for your actions.

ROGER SHIPLEY, Ringgold, Ga.