Police do jobs no one else wants and other letters to the editors

Police do jobs no one else wants and other letters to the editors

September 5th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Police do jobs no one else wants

I'm not a cop. I don't even know any cops hereabouts, but once long ago, I carried a sidearm and worked for my chief of police. That brief exposure taught me respect for cops, who have to enforce our laws and tolerate abuse and misunderstanding while we sit in front of our TV, watching some talking head tell us what mistakes those cops made. Before you condemn cops, think: 1. Cops deal often with people who curse them, puke on them, urinate on them, and, given a chance, will hurt them. Are you polite to people who treat you like that? 2. Cops have to give bad guys the first punch. Could you wait for a huge dude to sock you, then nicely ask him to desist? 3. We tell cops to do things no one else would dare do. Will you go into an abandoned house at 2:30 a.m. knowing that there are drug addicts there -- with weapons? Would you ask them nicely to please accompany you to jail? You expect cops to be saints or angels. But cops are human -- and surprisingly good at a nasty job.


Appreciation Cited For Williams

I would like to say amen to the letter to the editor written by Jacque Benderman, published on Aug. 17. Clarence Williams has done so much for us seniors, and we truly love, appreciate and miss him. Come back, Clarence, please.


Brown Hubbub Only Posturing

It is disturbing the black and liberal white community is all riled up about a young black thug, now deceased, who attacked an officer doing his job. This young man had just allegedly robbed a convenience store and then viciously attacked a police officer. Now blacks are rioting, protesting and chanting "no justice, no peace." May I point out to many apparently uneducated folks that the concept of justice is that if you commit a crime, you will be punished. It would appear Brown got what he deserved. That's justice. Now let's have peace. If two people begin fighting and one of them has a gun, the fight becomes over the gun. It really doesn't matter if one was unarmed at the onset of the fight. Had Brown won, the outcome would be a dead officer. This fact gets ignored in all the fake rage about a young black man being killed. Blacks and liberals appear to care only if someone not black kills a black person. Other black men in Chicago, the president's hometown, shot 26 black men that same weekend. Did you see any Obama representatives at their funerals? It's all posturing and race-baiting.

DAN HOWARD, Cleveland, Tenn.

Lone Oak Civic League Thanks all for help

The Lone Oak Community Civic League on Signal Mountain would like to thank the volunteers and businesses that made it possible to raise much needed operating funds during the recent Highway 127 yard sale. Several local businesses supported our efforts by donating supplies during this event. We would like to thank Bi-Lo on Signal Mountain Road, Bobby Brewer of Mountain Garden Center, Walmart Supercenter in Dunlap, Pruett's Signal Mountain Market and Sam's Club of Chattanooga. The Lone Oak Community Center is home to many activities which benefit our community. This includes the Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department, the Lone Oak Free Health Clinic and Free Dental Clinic, a weekly adult education class for those who want to obtain their high school equivalency diplomas, the Lone Oak Library, the Lone Oak Quilters, community gatherings and more. Vendor space rentals and food sales are our only fundraiser during the year. We could not continue our good work without the generosity of our volunteers, businesses, and the yard sale patrons who visit and dine at our facility. Thank you to all who supported us!


On police cultural barriers

I read with interest the front page article "Cultural barriers and cops" that appeared on the front page of the Aug. 28 edition of the Times Free Press. The main subject matter appeared to be communication problems between the police department and the Hispanic community, and several examples were presented of recent difficulties. However, the fault seemed to be placed primarily on the department: "Only eight of the department's 70 sworn personnel are certified as Spanish interpreters -- only 13 Hispanic police officers." I agree that more emphasis should be made to increase the availability of interpreters, but what about the Hispanics? If an immigrant (whether legal or illegal) chooses to move to a country that has a different native language, shouldn't the immigrant consider making proper preparations? Let's put the blame where it belongs!