Use empty buildings for Heritage Center and more letters to the editors

Use empty buildings for Heritage Center and more letters to the editors

August 17th, 2016 in Opinion Letters

Use empty buildings for Heritage Center

The Charles Coolidge Medal of Honor Heritage Center may be an inspiring thing that Chattanooga really needs now, but aren't there already enough empty buildings to house things like that?

I'm sure there are plenty of empty spaces downtown, and probably even on the more desirable North Shore! Why not use what we already have?

Patty Counts


Support reforms that end cruel horse soring

Those involved in the Big Lick segment of the Tennessee walking horse industry are desperate to prevent any crackdown on their illegal, inhumane training practices. That was made clear by comments made at USDA's listening session in Murfreesboro on a proposed rule to end soring.

The rule that USDA proposed is consistent with recommendations of an audit released by the agency's own inspector general in 2010 and with key elements of the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, H.R.3268/S.1121.

The Big Lick industry has had decades to clean up its act, but it hasn't. It's just gotten more sophisticated at inflicting pain on their horses, covering up the abuse, and working the political process to obstruct any progress.

By demanding an extension to the public comment period, the handful of legislators in Congress who do the bidding of horse sorers have also deployed a stall tactic to derail the rule.

The majority of the Tennessee walking horse world supports those reforms to deal with morally repugnant behavior that gives the industry a major black eye.

Keith Dane, Humane Society of the United States


Heritage Center would protect heroes' legacy

John Edwards, thank you for your service and for supporting the proposed Heritage Center (Sunday Free Press editorial page column, "Heritage Center not a site to glorify military"). The center is such a small ask for a fraction of space at Coolidge Park to honor all our military heroes, of every name and background.

It's troubling to think (if columnist David Cook had his way) that our current generation may never truly learn about the sacrifices made at places like Antietam, Belleau Wood, Pork Chop Hill, Ia Drang Valley or the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

My own visit to Pointe du Hoc at Omaha Beach was simply breathtaking. David Cook's liberal view doesn't consider the dedication of those who served to earn and protect our enduring freedom.

War is never glorious but sometimes necessary, unfortunately. Freedom is not free.

Warren Daniel


Vote for one who will get job done

All politicians cover-up: Eisenhower — U2 plane, Nixon — tapes, Reagan — Contras, Clinton — Monica, George W. — Iraq; corporations, athletes, churches, universities, etc. all cover-up.

We need to focus on issues: jobs, wages, environment, health care, immigration, terrorism, gun registration, racism, Supreme Court, defense budget, election reforms and education.

Forget party loyalty; vote for the person who will get the job done.

Rocky Renneisen, Signal Mountain


Thank goodness Obama term-limited

Obama says Trump is unfit and unqualified to be president.

The country is in shambles, and he takes off for a month to campaign for Hillary.

Thank God for term limits.

Charles Bandy, Evensville, Tenn.

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