'Efficiency' spending is ludicrous idea and more letters to the editors

'Efficiency' spending is ludicrous idea and more letters to the editors

December 21st, 2016 in Opinion Letters

'Efficiency' spending is ludicrous idea

It is amazingly deluded thinking on the part of our mayor and other city administrators when they suggest that gleefully spending $1.5 million for energy upgrades to save $60,000 a year is a great idea.

If a CEO of a company wanted to spend a bundle for a 25-year payback on an investment, that CEO would be fired.

The mayor should be fired along with any members of the City Council who go along with this liberal lunacy.

It's the same thinking that means we have bike lane construction after a report in the paper that only 47 percent of city roads can be considered "good." It is waste on top of waste.

Finally, inquiring minds would like to know how many competitive bids have been received for the spending of this $1.5 million?

Jeff Wells, Hixson


Charles Blow hard up for angry people

New York Times columnist Charles Blow is the new Uncle Sam; he needs us now — not for the U. S. Army but for a suggestible mob angry at Donald Trump's cabinet appointments. "Angry yet?" he asks. Then he answers for us: "Yes. Good!" But why are we supposed to be angry?

Trump's attorney general is "hostile to immigrants." Yes? Good! Illegal aliens will be taken home to resolve their country's problems rather than run from them.

Trump's Health and Human Services secretary is "anti-abortion, pro-fetal 'personhood.'" Yes? Good! The holocaust of unborn personhood may finally end.

Trump's Labor secretary "opposes increasing the federal minimum wage." Yes? Good. Employers will be able to afford to hire more people. Meanwhile, tax breaks on labor costs could level the "paying" field.

Trump's EPA head is a "climate change denier." Yes? Good! Weather people are still less reliable than weather, so all we have to fear is climate change fear itself.

Trump's Education secretary is "a vocal proponent of school vouchers." Yes? Good! America's public schools need competitive spirit to stir them from mediocrity.

Happy yet? No. But we may be happy yet.

Dr. Brian Hale, Red Bank


Motorists smile Christmas tree

With so much heartache in the news recently, the little Christmas tree near the Hickory Valley railroad crossings will make you smile.

Jennifer Bradford

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