Business section needs currency charts and more letters to the editors

Business section needs currency charts and more letters to the editors

December 22nd, 2016 by Staff Report in Opinion Letters

Business section needs currency charts

I am disappointed in the new Business section format. I have zero interest in going online to see the broader stock index and am dismayed that you removed the foreign currency chart. Many people travel to other countries and use the currency table as a resource when timing their foreign currency purchases. At least bring this back. The new format makes the TFP much less relevant from a business perspective.

Terry Iker

Electoral College headline challenged

I was surprised to read the headline on Page One of Tuesday's Times Free Press: "Trump wins again."

The proper headline for the result of the Electoral College vote should be "Trump wins for the first time." I expected that an editor, and certainly the proof/copy editor, are aware of the principles of the U.S. Constitution and the result of the recent presidential election.

The tally of the votes in the general election show that Hillary Clinton clearly won the popular vote for president, gaining the majority of the combined votes cast for her and Donald Trump, or about a 2.8 million vote margin. Perhaps the proofreaders have been swayed by exposure to the propaganda of Russian sympathizers on the Free Press side of the editorial pages, or do not have a good grasp of how the election process works. The vote totals show that Clinton has the favor of more people. Only an anachronism allows a misogynist enthralled by Putin to possess the White House of the greatest country on Earth.

Henry Paris

Electoral College editorial 'off beam'

The Chattanooga Times editorial page's attempt to incite electors to vote against the candidate they are pledged to is in a word — unconscionable. Clinton and Trump were both horribly flawed candidates put forth by an out-of-touch political selection processes. That might be a better place to focus your ire rather than encouraging post-election lawlessness. I have no love for the Electoral College. But it is the current law. If you don't like it, work to change it.

The Times editorial staff appears to have jumped on the anything-to-stop-Trump bandwagon, and failing to accomplish that, at least delegitimize the election results. Does this not play right to Trump's rants about a biased media and a rigged system? I can't imagine anything more destructive to the integrity of the American election process than the unlikely success of your effort.

The editorial was the most inflammatory, off the beam, I've read on either side of the newspaper (and by your own editorial staff, not some nut-job columnist).

For the record neither Clinton nor Trump earned my vote.

Bill Bartle

Cleveland, Tenn.

Ruling in coach case is an 'insult'

Under the narrowest interpretation possible, Criminal Court Judge Don Poole dismissed charges against Ooltewah coach "Tank" Montgomery for not reporting the rape of one of his players. I have chaperoned high school kids on road trips. I get it that things can go out of control in a heartbeat. But not to take proper action — as in reporting a crime — in the aftermath is a clear derogation of simple adult responsibility.

Are our memories so short that we've forgotten Penn State's legendary coach, Joe Paterno?

The law of course does not and cannot specifically stipulate every shade and possibility of every occurrence; that is the judge's responsibility. But if a child under your charge has an epileptic seizure, wouldn't you and I or anyone be bound by common sense to report this?

The ruling in granting the coach a free pass for ignoring a crime committed under his watch is an outrage and an insult to common decency.

Denny Pistoll

Rising Fawn, Ga.

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