Whose Kool-Aid did Catoosa GOP take? and more letters to the editors

Whose Kool-Aid did Catoosa GOP take? and more letters to the editors

April 21st, 2017 by Staff Report in Opinion Letters

Whose Kool-Aid did Catoosa GOP take?

One has to wonder what kind of Kool-Aid the Catoosa Republican Party was serving at its convention.

Espousing smaller government and the elimination of waste is one thing; eliminating funding for public education is another. Why do they think so many families chose to move to Catoosa County in the first place?

Just ask a few and you'll hear — the quality of the Catoosa County Public Schools. Indeed, the evolution of public education is at the core of the development of America's middle class. What else does this radical group want to do away with — Social Security, Medicare, police, fire departments, roads or post offices? If they had wanted to quote Ecclesiastes, looking at 12-9 might have helped: "And moreover, because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge." Perhaps it's time for mainstream Republicans to ask, who stole my political party?

Ralph Noble

Ringgold, Ga.

GOP platform reveals ineptness

Jeff Holcomb is an embarrassment to not only the Republicans of Catoosa County, but to all citizens of Catoosa County. The TFP editorials published this week adequately highlight his inability to understand the difference between the Republican goal of limited government versus his goal of no government.

Holcomb wishes to highlight that "45 people at the meeting approved" the moronic platform adopted at the recent county convention. What he fails to mention is the fact that the convention was split and many of the votes were near evenly divided.

Local Republican elected officials must share in the blame for having such an inept talking head for the party. Less than 7 elected officials participated in the convention despite every elected position in Catoosa County is held by a Republican. The fact of the matter is, had 5 or 6 more elected officials bothered to participate, Catoosa County would not currently be the political laughing stock of the tri-state area.

Our chairman and the rest of the elected board serve two-year terms. I ask that readers simply ignore the garbage spewed by this most unqualified board until new elections in 2019.

Jeremy E. Jones

Ringgold, Ga.

Need to fix a tax limit for schools

In reference to the editorials and letter to the editor (April 18), I keep reading the half truth that school taxes haven't gone up in 12 years. This was stated on both the left and right editorial pages. The truth is that tax revenues have increased each year; it is the tax rate that has not.

It is past time a discussion is held to decide what the correct tax rate should be. That is, how much of the total value of properties in Hamilton County should be dedicated to schools. All I hear from many people is "more." There is a limit, and a correct amount, not some vague, meaningless, phrase like "enough to provide a good education to all students."

Until this decision is made, we will continue to have these arguments without a chance for rational discussion.

Larry Zeh

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