Higher alcohol beer can be dangerous and more letters to the editors

Higher alcohol beer can be dangerous and more letters to the editors

January 4th, 2017 in Opinion Letters

Higher alcohol beer can be dangerous

First thing in the Dec. 30 newspaper is the story about higher alcohol content in beer. That will enable you to get stupid-drunk quicker, get out and drive and kill a carload of people somewhere.

The person who drinks and drives is the same as a drug head who snorts, smokes or injects drugs then drives. Dope and alcohol are the same except one is legal and the other is not (yet).

People who brew this garbage are so proud of their beer. Wonder if they're proud when someone drinks then runs over someone?

Drink responsibly? Give me a break.

The more you sell, the more you make. You make it. You sell it. You are part of the problem and should be held responsible.

Herbert Braswell


Don't be quick to judge tattoos

I just read the sweet Dec. 31 Life article on Jim Walter and his tattoo. I

also have tattoos on my wrist — one of a small butterfly I got in 2008 in memory of my beloved granddaughter who loved them and who passed away. In 2012, I added another of an infinity sign with my daughter's name when she passed away from breast cancer. They are small ones, side by side, on my left wrist. Straight from my heart.

People may judge me for them as I once did other folks, but they are there to remind me every day of my love for them as well as their love for me.

So before you judge someone for a tattoo... stop and think... there might be a wonderful story that goes along with it.

RIP Leslie Walter, always and forever.

Debbie Pataky, Lookout Mountain, Ga.


Reader disappointed in stocks changes

Your change to electronic stocks info is a disaster, in my opinion, and I have to consider not taking your paper after 40 years.

Larger print would have done the job when it was all in your paper.

Jack Harvey


Clinton's character at heart of her loss

Neither Vladimir Putin nor James Comey elected Donald Trump as the next U.S. president. Through the constitutionally mandated process, he was elected by the people.

If Hillary Clinton's emails had any effect on the election, it was their content, regardless of the process of how they came to the attention of the American electorate.

When voters saw the contempt that the Clinton campaign had for them, and even for Democratic rivals like Bernie Sanders, their already existing questions about her character were solidified.

Sour grapes are best digested, not continuously regurgitated.

Glenn Swygart, Sewanee, Tenn.


Offering our best for others

I read every word of the Dec. 25 "Perspective" section, bringing me to offer both sides of the Times Free Press my sincere thanks and my prayers for a new year that continues such thoughtfulness.

These words, "... when we genuinely love... one another... ," say it all.

Recall Augustine's definition of "love" — to desire the best for the beloved. Not the most expensive, not the finest or the tastiest. The poor helpless infant whose birth we celebrated on Christmas Day calls us to give whatever is best to every other; my best, your best.


Bill Laudeman, Red Bank

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