Higher beer alcohol will cause harm and more letters to the editors

Higher beer alcohol will cause harm and more letters to the editors

January 9th, 2017 by Staff Report in Opinion Letters

Higher beer alcohol will cause harm

I agree with the recent letter to the editor basically saying that it is ridiculous to allow beer brewers to increase the alcohol content in beer to up to 10 percent alcohol.

When England and Canada had alcohol problems in their country, they reduced the percentage in alcohol in beer to 3 percent and whiskey to 65 proof. They also put strong provisions on the so-called happy hour.

Society has to be reasonable. People can have a good social time without increasing the strength of alcoholic drinks.

To increase the alcohol content can only lead to more ruined lives.

City Court Judge Russell Bean

Do not repeal ACA without replacement

I am a cancer survivor and my health coverage is my lifeline. Access to timely treatment, affordable medications and regular screenings/doctor visits are essential and the reason why I am alive today.

Any breaks in coverage could mean delayed care for my cancer and dire consequences for my health. As Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker and members of Congress begin to debate repeal and replace options for the current health care law, I am anxious for cancer patients, survivors and their families in Tennessee who are relying on marketplace plans for their coverage. Disruptions in care could be devastating for them. And the constant worry about how they might afford care in the future is an added stressor that no cancer patient needs.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act with no adequate and immediate replacement could destabilize the health care market and create gaps in care for millions of cancer patients, survivors and those at risk for the disease. Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker, it should be your priority to guarantee continuous access to meaningful health coverage for cancer patients and their families in Tennessee. Anything less than that simply can't be an option.

Liz Cooper

More support needed for solar energy use

Why are we being discouraged from producing electricity where it is used (our roof tops)? Oh yes we are! We can produce it and save TVA almost half its cost to generate it and deliver it to your home by not beefing the expensive grid.

Proof? Look to Chile, which has so much solar energy that the spot price was zero for 113 days last year. Solar quadrupled on the grid. The annual production cost is 2.91 cents/kwh. It has been like this since 2013. Think American jobs and manufacturing won't flow to countries getting real about solar and getting the greed and corruption out of a system like ours?

This profiteering by utility operators/managers is suppressing small businesses and homeowners from using their equity and roof space to make a profit and save ratepayers and TVA. They should be back on incentives for solar production to the maximum and sell that expensive nuclear power to the larger grid.

Instead of struggling, solar energy installation and production should be booming locally. The problem is not Washington — it's right here in River City.

Michael Bartley

Sen. Joe McCarthy spinning in his grave

Isn't it ironic? The late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Republican from Wisconsin (1947–1957), must be spinning in his grave.

Come Jan. 20, 2017, our government will be sprinkled with communist sympathizers at the highest levels.

George Adams


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