Democrats, give GOP a chance on ACA and more letters to the editors

Democrats, give GOP a chance on ACA and more letters to the editors

January 10th, 2017 in Opinion Letters

Democrats, give GOP a chance on ACA

This is in response to the recent commentary about the GOP's intention to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the program will cost the federal government $1.34 trillion over the next decade, an increase of $136 billion from its prediction in 2015. In 2016 alone, Obamacare has cost approximately $110 billion.

This ill-conceived health care law was based on the premise that young, healthy enrollees offset the cost of older people with more health problems. But those who chose not to enroll were penalized for not complying with mandated coverage, and the mandate is a tax, which means that the IRS has the authority to collect this payment when you file your return — even though the current president stated, "If you like our doctor and or plan you may keep it."

Several insurance companies have withdrawn from Obamacare because of financial losses.

So, perhaps the Democrats should present both sides of Obamacare, the cost to the government (taxpayers) and the insurance companies, and give the GOP an opportunity to repeal and replace this expensive mandated insurance and put patients in charge of their own health care.

Patricia Medearis


ACA's repeal will  harm state economy

Dave Flessner's insightful article in Friday's business section, "Study says repeal of Obamacare will cost 57,000 jobs in state," should hopefully open the eyes of every Tennessean supporting the repeal of Obamacare.

The impact on the state in terms of job and revenue losses with a repeal lacking a replacement could be devastating to our state's economy and population.

The typical Republican response is that their replacement plan, as envisioned by House Speaker Paul Ryan, would offset these losses while providing better health care coverage. Only problem is, they have no replacement plan and they have been trying unsuccessfully to cobble up one for some six years now. 

Nevertheless, repeal-now-replace-later is the noble battle call of these fury-eyed protectors of the moneyed class.

So Rep. Ryan, if your new plan is going to, in fact, resolve the issues brought up by Mr. Flessner's article, all I can say is, "Where's the beef?" 

Jim Griffin, Delano, Tenn.


The late Jack Benson deserves park honor

I understand the City Council will vote today on a proposal to honor the late Jack Benson by adding his name to Heritage Park in East Brainerd. I urge all council members to vote in favor of the proposal.

As the multi-term representative of the citizens of East Brainerd to the City Council, Jack worked indefatigably to serve his constituents with grit and honor. He was very much involved with developing a thoughtful growth plan for his community at the time of significant growth around Hamilton Place.

Not only did Jack exert great political leadership, he also served the city as an assistant superintendent of schools, and for 17 years he served as executive director of the Big Brother/Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga.

I hope the council will vote unanimously to honor this outstanding citizen.

Raymond P. Deering

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