Plenty of blame for toxic discourse and more letters to the editors

Plenty of blame for toxic discourse and more letters to the editors

June 17th, 2017 by Staff Report in Opinion Letters

Plenty of blame for toxic discourse

On Thursday, Chattanooga Times editorial page editor Sohn wondered whether the attack on GOP congressmen might change the tone of political discourse. But let's go back 24 hours to see how Ms. Sohn contributes to the poisonous fog.

I am not a Trump supporter, but even I was dismayed to read Sohn's Wednesday editorial, in which she cites all the ways Trump is "destroying America." I truthfully remember thinking such over-the-top hysteria is going to lead to violence. And then I turned on CNN to see the breaking news from Alexandria.

Sohn's editorial primarily focused on a list of Trump actions that reversed policies of the Obama administration, such as overtime rules for hourly workers and restrictions on investment counselors. Whatever your position on these things, they hardly rise to the level of destruction. America was alive before Obama wielded his pen, and it endures despite Trump's Sharpie.

The greater threat of destruction comes from those who will say anything and do anything to reverse the results of last November.

Bill Stiles

Ball field shooting should motivate lawmakers

Might now be the time for Congress to rethink discussion of laws on gun control?

And why do the media and public seem more shocked that voluntarily elected, adult public representatives are not more secure on a ball field than little children under our care in a classroom? Sandy Hook and other tragedies should have awakened our lawmakers. Perhaps Wednesay's unfortunate incident will get their "up close and personal" attention at last, a sad fact in itself.

Rebecca Raymond


Act now to build successful schools

I live in Highland Park and am a small business owner. I try to influence and interact with the kids in my neighborhood through sports, tutoring and employment.

I'm writing you out of great concern for the kids in Hamilton County and the education system in which they are subjected. The Hamilton County school system has several glaring needs. Those needs include: deficiencies in literacy and mathematics education, social support programs and English language skills.

To our elected representatives: How do we correct these issues? Is the answer increased funding or improved management? Can we look to more successful education systems to build a model to repair our system? Regardless of the method we choose, we must act now. Our kids should be leaving school fully prepared for further education and life in general. We need to focus more on life skills and job training as well as basic character development. We need programs that teach sewing, driving, welding, etc.; skills that are needed to be functioning members of society. We owe it to our kids to provide the highest quality education possible.

Rachel Collins

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