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The Rant

Published Oct. 15 2017

Puerto Rico experiences three disasters in one month — Irma, Maria and the Donald.

The Rant

Published Oct. 8 2017

Are injuries sustained from a mass shooting considered a pre-existing condition?

The Rant

Published Oct. 1 2017

I volunteered in 1969 and proudly served in the U.S. Army, not for a flag or song, but for my...

The Rant

Published Sep. 24 2017

President Trump working with Democrats as well as Republicans? Congratulations, that is how our government is supposed to work —...

The Rant

Published Sep. 17 2017

I was glad to see Rush Limbaugh evacuate to escape the fake hurricane invented by the liberal media.

The Rant

Published Sep. 10 2017

Looks like North Korea has a leader just like ours. The difference is we voted for ours.

The Rant

Published Sep. 3 2017

Houston residents, still in shelters, no computers, had a deadline of Friday to file damage claims, and the waters are...

The Rant

Published Aug. 27 2017

North Korea is testing intercontinental missiles, and Donald Trump is building a wall. Boy, do I feel safe.

The Rant

Published Aug. 20 2017

Since when is social media a reliable reason to fire someone?

The Rant

Published Aug. 13 2017

Please, no more bike lanes. Pave our city streets instead. City leadership is not in touch with the wishes of...

The Rant

Published Aug. 6 2017

The only thing missing in that very good editorial on Trump being presidential is that all of his supporters must...

The Rant

Published Jul. 30 2017

GOP, instead of acting on behalf of your party, try acting on behalf of your constituents. Your health care bill...

The Rant

Published Jul. 23 2017

Peyton Manning should run for governor. Then, after eight years of gaining political prowess, he should run for president. He...

The Rant

Published Jul. 16 2017

The more Trump tweets, the more it reveals his understanding of our nation's problems and the skills he has to...

The Rant

Published Jul. 9 2017

A quick pitch is illegal in baseball and a poor strategy in trying to pass a health care plan, Mitch.

The Rant

Published Jul. 2 2017

Congrats to the TFP and the Best of Preps event. What a nice way to celebrate so many deserving high...

The Rant

Published Jun. 25 2017

Each week I become a bigger fan of columnist Jay Greeson. I hope our new superintendent will read his latest...

The Rant

Published Jun. 18 2017

Clay Bennett's June 11 cartoon mistakenly identified James Buchanan as the worst president in American history. Obama holds that title.

The Rant

Published Jun. 11 2017

Is there anyone left who hasn't figured out that the biggest source of fake news is Trump?

The Rant

Published Jun. 4 2017

Lately, I have been reading of the hatred from some Republicans of the so-called liberal media. Thank you, TFP, for...

The Rant

Published May. 28 2017

Gen. Michael Flynn loved the "lock her up" chant over the Clinton email witch hunt. Guess what the judge will...

The Rant

Published May. 21 2017

If you think the Strip in Las Vegas is scenic, you'll love the new Fairway digital billboard at Fifth and...

The Rant

Published May. 14 2017

Are frat boys dumb and stupid? So entitled they don't care? So it would seem in the death of Penn...