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The Rant

Published Feb. 15 2015

Mr. President, there is not a religion in the world that doesn't have a crusader-mentality embedded within its tenants.


Published Feb. 1 2015

The verdict is clear, Mr. President, your policies have worked for hard-working, middle class Americans, no matter what Robin Smith...


Published Jan. 25 2015

Raising taxes on people who are successful is not going to make people who are struggling more successful.

The Rant

Published Jan. 18 2015

Had world leaders informed Obama they were holding a campaign finance rally for him in Paris, he would have been...

The Rant

Published Jan. 11 2015

It's past time churches shouldn't be exempt from paying their fair share of taxes.>

The Rant

Published Jan. 4 2015

Saw the "Visitors Center" the other day. Cold. Noisy. Tacky. Chattanooga should do much better than this!

The Rant

Published Dec. 28 2014

Obama is stymied on so many issues, so now he wants to buddy up to Castro. We will soon be...

The Rant

Published Dec. 21 2014

It's comforting to know that the Obama administration will not use enhanced interrogation techniques as part of its drone strike...

The Rant

Published Dec. 14 2014

I hope the public and media are as forgiving and forgetful of unindicted Officer Wilson's past as they are about...

The Rant

Published Dec. 7 2014

For six years, Democrats have done exactly what they think is right for the country and not what the voters...

The Rant

Published Nov. 30 2014

Perhaps if Congress had put some effort into discussing immigration instead of trying to repeal ACA the American people would...

The Rant

Published Nov. 23 2014

So, Obama wants to follow rules when they suit his agenda (Keystone). What about the rest of the time?

The Rant

Published Nov. 16 2014

Why say Obama pulled out of Iraq too early? Bush said "mission accomplished" back on May 1, 2003, with the...

The Rant

Published Nov. 9 2014

Tuesday's election results proved that American citizens eventually get it right.

The Rant

Published Nov. 2 2014

Did anyone notice the speaker for the Public Education Foundation appeared to insult teachers and was very unscientific about it?

The Rant

Published Oct. 26 2014

So some of you have a problem with President Obama. How about "Mission Accomplished?"

The rant

Published Oct. 19 2014

Why all of the panic over Ebola? Why not panic over the flu? Flu kills an average of 36,000 people...

The Rant

Published Oct. 5 2014

Looks like the Democrats' plan to spend our way out of debt is not working so well. Imagine that!

The Rant

Published Sep. 28 2014

All rants are subject to review. Items should be signed and include a phone number; however Ranters' names will not...

The Rant

Published Sep. 21 2014

All rants are subject to review. Items should be signed and include a phone number. Ranters' names will not appear...

The Rant

Published Sep. 14 2014

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The Rant

Published Sep. 7 2014

If teachers canceled their cable television service and their fancy telephones, they could afford the $100 monthly insurance increase.

The Rant

Published Aug. 31 2014

Which is worse: fiddling while Rome burns or golfing while the world descends into chaos?