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The Rant

Published Nov. 29 2015

President Obama: "The best way to defeat ISIS is to um um not be afraid!" Wow, I feel...

The Rant

Published Nov. 22 2015

ISIS is contained? No, to them this is a holy war! We need to reinstate the draft to save Western...

The Rant

Published Nov. 15 2015

It looks as though Tennessee has the wealthiest politicians and the poorest working class in the country.

The Rant

Published Nov. 8 2015

Will someone, anyone, please cite any period when this planet's climate was not changing. I'll be watching.

The Rant

Published Nov. 1 2015

Dr. Carson: If Secretary Clinton should be in prison, Bush and Cheney should have been executed for 9-11. And Reagan...

The Rant

Published Oct. 25 2015

Shouldn't the TFP article "Future diesels to have new emissions technology" been appropriately titled "Future diesels to HAVE emissions technology"?

The Rant

Published Oct. 18 2015

Ancient Chinese saying as heard and understood by Kevin McCarthy: "He who unwittingly speak truth cannot lead House Republicans."

The Rant

Published Oct. 11 2015

Well, the state of Georgia and ISIS have one thing in common: They both execute Christians.

The Rant

Published Oct. 4 2015

There were two murders last Tuesday night: one on Missionary Ridge and one on Georgia's death row.


Published Sep. 27 2015

Can't the Islamic extremists and Christian conservatives find a battle spot in the Sahara desert? One can have rapture, the...

The Rant

Published Sep. 20 2015

The Roman Empire destroyed itself from within; so goes America.

The Rant

Published Sep. 13 2015

Kanye West for president in 2020! He'll need four years just to get his personal life in control. Forget about...


Published Sep. 6 2015

Allowing Iran to inspect its own nuclear sites is like allowing Hillary Clinton to have her own server!

The Rant

Published Aug. 30 2015

Americans save the French. Again. French security runs away. Again. History really does repeat itself, doesn't it? Semper Fi.

The Rant

Published Aug. 23 2015

Exxon Valdez spill? Fined. BP Gulf spill? Fined. EPA spill? No worries, just another oopsie

The Rant

Published Aug. 16 2015

OK Mr. President, I'll buy your must-have deal with Iran, just as soon as they stop ranting, "Death to America!"

The Rant

Published Aug. 9 2015

If HCDE needs $34 million to be the best school system in the South, how much does it need to...

The Rant

Published Aug. 2 2015

It is gratifying to see so many parents using this teachable moment to instill respect for the military and civic...

The Rant

Published Jul. 26 2015

Sure am glad the Charleston shooter wasn't waving the American flag!

The Rant

Published Jul. 19 2015

Women ought to write articles on men's soccer and rant about the beautiful soccer buttocks of the players. Makes them...

The Rant

Published Jul. 12 2015

Greeks won't surrender entitlements? Who do they think they are? Americans?

The Rant

Published Jul. 5 2015

To those opposed to gay marriage: My civil rights trumps your religious bigotry all day, every day.

The Rant

Published Jun. 28 2015

Hey Sabrena Smedley, Chester Bankston, Warren Mackey, Randy Fairbanks, Tim Boyd and Chairman Jim Fields: My discretionary fund provides donations...