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Published May. 18 2014

The VA is a perfect example of what a government-run single payer health plan would look like.

The Rant

Published May. 11 2014

It is unconscionable that a U.S. ambassador is murdered and the truth covered up for political gain.

The Rant

Published May. 4 2014

Reagan is still a better President dead than Obama is alive.


Published Apr. 27 2014

Flight MH370: How much longer will we be kept in the dark about what really happened to this plane? If...


Published Apr. 20 2014

We all know that the neck turns the head. Right? Obama is the head, and Harry Reid is the neck....

The Rant

Published Apr. 13 2014

Here's a short explanation of the Supreme Court's unlimited campaign donation decision: It legalizes government of the wealthy, by the...

The Rant

Published Mar. 30 2014

As a taxpayer, I fear Republicans and Democrats more than I fear Putin.

The Rant

Published Mar. 23 2014

Putin: Don't take it personally. Don't take it seriously. We don't mean anything we say anymore from the White House.

The Rant

Published Mar. 16 2014

Secretary Kerry says we are ready to give $30 billion in aid to Ukraine. Give it to the USA instead.

The Rant

Published Mar. 9 2014

How many retreating lines in the sand will Obama draw before Putin invades the Ukraine. Ask Syria? Where is Reagan...


Published Mar. 2 2014

How dare VW try to run its business the way it sees fit without political interference! Who do they think...


Published Feb. 23 2014

Speaker Beth Harwell said the Tennessee Legislature is pro Second Amendment. Then why can't I carry a gun into the...


Published Feb. 16 2014

Bennett's Sunday cartoon, vote union or division, is ironic because where there's a union, there's division: management and labor, no...


Published Feb. 9 2014

It may be a bit cruel to run a photo of Peyton at the top of the front page the...


Published Feb. 2 2014

The president's State of the Union fiasco was the largest gathering of crooks under one roof in history.


Published Jan. 26 2014

Wasn't sure who to root for in the Super Bowl until Sherman opened his mouth at the end of the...


Published Jan. 19 2014

So Christie hugs Obama, October 2012. Outraged Republicans stay home from November elections. Romney loses, clears deck for Christie -...


Published Jan. 12 2014

Bennett's cartoon was poignant about unemployment benefits. It failed, however, to draw footsteps in the snow from a Democrat who...


Published Jan. 5 2014

When speaking about the calendar year please stop saying two thousand and fourteen - it's twenty fourteen.


Published Dec. 29 2013

Are the people who believe in God the only ones with no rights?


Published Dec. 22 2013

There is not and cannot be income equality because there isn't intelligence, education, effort and ethics equality.


Published Dec. 15 2013

Obamacare will fail because the young ideologues who thought they needed free contraceptives will not pay $3,000 for insurance they...


Published Dec. 8 2013

I do not qualify for "ObamaScare." The Republican state government is canceling my coverage on December 31. Now what do...